Eat Your Way to Firmer, More Beautiful Skin

Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles

There is more information today than there ever has been before about all the ways people, women especially, can turn back the hands of time simply by living a healthy lifestyle. In the book, “Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles: Eat Your Way to Firmer, More Beautiful Skin with the 100 Best Anti-Aging Foods,” author, Allison Tannis, works to address the correlation between the idea that you are what you eat.

This book has been widely accepted as a great tool for knowing what you should, and shouldn’t, eat in order to attain your goal of looking younger, feeling healthy, and slowing down the aging process.

Tannis outlines specifically what foods you need to have in your pantry and lays out the nutritional properties of each. She works to tell the reader why it is more affordable to eat right and to ingest the foods that will work from the inside out, as opposed to investing in expensive creams, serums, and cosmetic procedures, including Botox and plastic surgery.

She will let you know what fruits will help reduce puffiness and dark circles from around your eyes better than any eye cream can and she will introduce you to some new foods, like mangosteen, that will promote a healthy and glowing appearance.

Readers can trust the information that is presented in this book, because Tannis is not a fly-by-night “expert,” she is a trained nutritional scientist and educator and carries a Master’s Degree in the subject matter. She is also the author of several other nutritional books and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a licensed practice in Canada.

This book provides great information, as well as a variety of tasty, easy-to-make recipes that will help you get the skin and appearance that you have been searching for at the cosmetic counter in your local department store.

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