DermaSilk 5 Minute Face Lift Review

Can You Truly Look Younger Instantly?


If you’re looking for instantly younger skin then you may have already heard about DermaSilk’s 5 Minute Face Lift.

The big question, though, is does it work and if so, how?

By the end of this article, you’re going to know what’s in this supposed miracle product and you’re going to know what real users are saying about it.

Company hype is easy to read but don’t be fooled by cool marketing techniques – look deeper and decide for yourself before you spend your hard-earned money.

What Do They Claim?

DermaSilk’s claim for their 5 Minute Face Lift is as simple as it is incredible. They claim that you’ll see results similar to a facelift quickly. The product supposedly does this using a combination of active substances that instantly make your skin firmer, smoother and younger looking. Wow. That’s a pretty hefty claim. Let’s take a look at what’s in it.

What’s In DermaSilk 5 Minute Face Lift?

The list of ingredients for this product is surprisingly short and intriguing. The second ingredient after water is soy protein phthalate. Before you get too worked up by that last word, this isn’t one of the big toxic ones. It is, however, still a plasticizer and is responsible for the tight feeling that the product may impart. It basically acts to smooth your skin much as an extremely thin layer of plastic wrap would.

The third ingredient is soluble collagen, a protein that you’ll see in many skin rejuvenation products. It’s made soluble so that it’s tiny enough to enter our skin barrier but many experts argue that the particles are too small to actually bind with our collagen cells. If that’s the case, it’s an ineffective ingredient.

Next up is dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, an agent used to firm skin and promote collagen rejuvenation and moisturization. Supposedly it improves your skin’s elasticity and protects you from environmental damage by fighting free radicals. Not bad.

Algae extract, which is next on the list, is a known moisturizer and humectant. It’s listed along with pullulan, a byproduct of fungus that’s used s a film former and skin tightener.

Also included in the list is the healing agent vitamin E in the form of tocopheryl acetate and the healing agent allentoin. Besides a few preservatives and stabilizers, the only other active ingredient is in fact the most interesting. Helix aspersa secretion, or garden snail secretion, is gaining popularity as a healing agent that promotes growth of new tissue in place of damaged tissue. Apparently it can be extracted without harming the snails and has been used in alternative therapies for centuries.

Basically the ingredients in this product suggest that it’s going to form a tightening film over your face, and it may have long-term results as well. Ingredients in cosmetics are like ingredients in a cake; just because they’re in there doesn’t mean that they work or that you’ll get the results you were looking for.

What Are Users Saying About 5 Minute Face Lift?

As suspected, many users report a fine film over their faces that cracks after it dries. Users who use the 5 Minute Face Lift in small amounts underneath moisturizer or foundation report better results than those who use it alone.

Most people over 40 like the product and report that you really can see and feel and instant tightening of your skin that lasts up to a few hours. Other users report that they see fewer wrinkles and fine lines after a couple of months of regular use even when they’re not wearing the product.

Detractors seem to be that it will sometimes get flakey when used alone and the tight feeling and lifting effects may decrease after the product cracks.

Final Word

This is one of those “love it or hate it” products and frankly, my guess is going to be that whether or not you’ll like it will depend upon your particular facial issues. The healing agents in it intrigue me a bit and I’d love to see some independent studies conducted on it.

The snail serum is acquiring quite the reputation but it’s pretty pricey. Since it’s listed as the last ingredient in this serum, I have to wonder how much is actually in it. The vitamin E and allentoin are pretty close to the bottom, too. Mostly, if I were to bet, I’d say that you’ll get a nice tight, lifted appearance for a few hours as long as you use a small amount under your moisturizer or foundation. If you’d like to give it a shot, click here to find the best deals on DermaSilk 5 Minute Facelift.

If you’ve used this product, let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below!

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