Cilea Review: Eyelash Growth Stimulator

Cilea Eyelash Growth Stimulator

It seems as if in today’s modern world, there is a solution for everything that you may not like about yourself. With the advent of Cilea, an eyelash growth stimulator, there is new proof that you can even take your want for perfection directly to your eyelashes.

Celia is a unique kind of eye makeup, one that is applied directly to your eyelashes that works as a “growth hormone” to jumpstart their growth and enhance their fullness and thickness.

Celia is hypoallergenic, so it can be bought without the prescription of a doctor. It has been recommended by many celebrities and cosmetic surgeons, however, it must be noted that this product has in rare cases caused a reaction in some individuals who have tried it.

While studies show that this product can stimulate eyelash growth and improve the appearance and look of eyelashes, if you aren’t extremely careful when applying it, Celia can also cause some harmful side effects, including eye irritation or even infections. While the number of users who report this reaction or harmful side effects are low, it goes without saying that when working around your eyes you must be overly careful.

While many people have experienced success with this product, it appears that the end result is too unknown for our comfort. It’s probably safer to invest in a good, lash thickening and lengthening mascara.

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2 Responses to “Cilea Review: Eyelash Growth Stimulator”
  1. lubymaria says:

    I am a cancer survivor and lost my lashes, as well as my hair and fingernails in 2009. When my hair and eylashes finally grew back it was sparse and very thin. Now my hair on my head is back to normalcy…. but my eylashes grew back short and stubly.. I wasnt permitted to use anything that had synthetic hormones (they’re called protheglandins I found out).
    So after 3 years of having eyelash stubs and then trying a natural botanical eyelash growth stimulator that worked!!!

    I can not begin to express the joy of seeing not only my eyelashes sprout, but I used it on my eyebrows that were sparse and had bald spots that filled in from using the Celia.

    Celia is made from natural botanical ingredients that nourish the eyelash follical and naturally stimulate growth from peptides.

    My eyelashes are the MOST BEAUTIFULthey have ever been. This product is sold in Wig stores for chemo patients because it is natural and lends significant results. There are NO SIDE EFFECTS with it.

    They even give a 60 day moneyback guarantee eith this product. Thats how confident they are.

    Whoever wrote that last review on celia must have been extremely ill informed. It is upsetting that she posted misinformation regarding the product Celia

    • Isabella says:

      Thanks for clarifying! I’ve actually been reading reviews and researching Cilea for a few weeks and have found nothing medically harmful or reviews that state people are having problems! :)
      Bad reviews and problems with products like Latisse jump out immediately. But I have have been digging and this product is very forthcoming with their ingredients, the reviews are good, an it’s all natural. If it works great! If it doesn’t – at least I won’t be left with brown pigmentations in my eyes or more serious problems like the glaucoma chemically based products :)

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