Borba Reviews: Age Defying

Borba Age Defying

The tagline of the skincare company “Borba” is, “Where Inner Health Meets Outer Beauty.” Therefore, the company not only promotes skincare products that target the external, but also products that target the internal workings of your body in order to get the best results possible.

Borba’s Age Defying line includes a variety of products from Advanced Aging recovery creams and deep wrinkle repair, to topical solutions that promote antioxidants and elastin as primary ingredients. Furthermore, the line also features kits that allow you to “drink” your way to better skin, such as the Skin Balance Crystalline Sampler that contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin as well as their Fix-It Quick Kit which is based on Acai berry supplements that will help you turn your skin around in sixty days or less.

Finally, Borba’s Age Defying line also includes a variety of cosmetic “boosters” such as lip tint or lipstick that plumps lips with a collagen-like ingredient to make your mouth more luscious and your lips more full.

Overall, the reviews of this product are positive and Borba is a fashionable line, promoted in beauty and women’s interest magazines with a long list of celebrity clients, like Ashley Greene of Twilight fame and Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood, who vouch for how well the products work.

As with any anti-aging product, it really comes down to what you, as the user, are hoping to achieve. Borba Age Defying comes with a lot of fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements, but their products are effective. Similar department store brands might have competition in store from this line.

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