Bio-Oil Scar Treatment and Anti-Aging Oil Review

Does This Oil Really Fade Scars and Blemishes?


Are you in the market for a product that helps fade blemishes and make your skin look younger?

If so, Bio-Oil may be just the product that you’re looking for. It’s the number 1-selling multi-use skincare oil in the United States and people who have used it swear by it.

We’re going to take a look at what it claims, what’s actually in it, and what real-life users are saying about it in order to determine if it’s worth your time and money.

What Do They Claim?

According to the label, Bio-Oil is effective at fading the appearance of scars and stretch marks, evening out skin tone, and making aging, dehydrated skin look and feel hydrated and younger.

It’s also recommended for use as a special intensive moisturizer, after-sun treatment, and as a bath oil.

What’s In It?

Right at the top of the list following mineral oil are the active ingredients. They include one of our favorite anti-aging ingredients, retinyl acetate, aka vitamin A., as well as vitamin E, Roman chamomile oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, calendula flower extract, sunflower oil and soybean oil.

These are all great ingredients with different healing, moisturizing and regenerating powers. The combination of all of them makes for a potentially potent serum that really does what it claims. Let’s take a look at what users are saying.

What Are Users Saying?

Nearly all of the reviews on Bio-Oil are positive and even the negative ones still report that skin felt smoother and looked better. Some of the best comments include that Bio-Oil helps with eczema, dry cracked skin and dull-looking skin. Sadly though, most people who tried it for scars didn’t notice much of an improvement unless the scar was brand new. Then, the improvement could be attributed to natural healing.

Users report that the Bio-Oil is lightweight, moisturizes well, smells good and absorbs well.

Final Word

We’re not really fond of mineral oil as the first ingredient but it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker either if the product works. In this case, we have to say that if you’re looking for something to heal scars, the user reviews just don’t recommend it for that but if you’re trying to treat eczema or other dry skin conditions, you may really enjoy it!

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If you’ve used Bio-Oil, please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

One Response to “Bio-Oil Scar Treatment and Anti-Aging Oil Review”
  1. skindiva says:

    I absolutely love Bio-Oil for my rough patches but, as you stated in the article, I haven’t had as much luck with it when using it on my scars.

    It’s amazing if you’re looking for a moisturizing agent for really dry, flaky skin, though. My elbows and my feet get so dry in the winter that they crack but as long as I rub a bit of Bio-Oil into my skin every day after my shower, I don’t have any problems at all.

    If I skip it for a few days, though, I can really tell a difference. It’s well worth the money. Great article!

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