Belisi RX Review: Instant Skin Tightener

Belisi RX

Anti-wrinkle creams are possibly the best alternative to highly expensive cosmetic procedures.

Belisi RX is one of the most promising of these creams and features some impressive natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, the natural ingredients in this cream are so powerful that you can achieve results equal or better than pricey skin care treatments, including Botox and other surgeries. Moreover, the product improves skin elasticity and tones it instantly.

One of the main ingredients featured in this product is organic green tea. It has the proven ability to suppress inflammation and regulate the life cycle of skin cells. Of all the antioxidants known to mankind, green tea may be the most effective when it comes to topical skin care.

Another active ingredient in this cream is teprenone, which improves hydration while reducing redness, pore size and fine lines. Compared to green tea, teprenone is relatively unknown, but it is just as beneficial in anti-aging.

Belisi RX also contains hyaluronic acid, an effective moisturizing component found in many department store creams. While hyaluronic acid sounds like something you wouldn’t want to put on your face, it actually does a terrific job at softening and smoothing your skin as well as promoting new growth of skin cells, which is why it is so widely used.

Additional ingredients of Belisi RX include: Vitamin K1- helps strengthen the walls of your capillaries to reduce dark circles around your eyes, Squalane- an olive oil extract, Arnica- a botanical extract that reduces swelling and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran- a plant derived protein and antioxidant.

If you are looking to tone your skin quickly, reduce age spots and under eye circles, then this product is an excellent option to try. Compared to surgery, this product is quite safe as it maintains a good combination of natural ingredients. It seems to work faster than other anti-wrinkle face creams and is effective at maintaining toned and tighter skin. There are no known side-effects, but as always we recommend seeking the approval of your doctor or skin specialist before changing your regimen.

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