Slow the Aging Process: Anti-Aging Zone

The Anti-Aging Zone is about all of the aspects that affect the aging process and what can be done to reverse it as much as possible. If you are generally worried about the effects of aging and want to, at least, slow down the natural process of aging, then this book is recommended reading material.

A big part of this book is how controversial some of the ideas are. One of the biggest controversies of this book is how many calories Barry Sears, the author of the Anti-Aging Zone, recommends taking. It recommends that an adult female should consume 1,200 calories a day, and an adult male should intake 1,500 calories a day. According to Sears figures, this reduces the intake of calories per day by around 40% when compared to a normal dieting routine. It explains how this reduction in calories, when following the recommended diet, differs from starvation or fasting. To help the reader follow the Zone diet, as it’s called in the book, there are enough recipes included for a whole week.

If you’re expecting just a diet book, then you’re mistaken. Sears explains how our bodies age and the science behind these theories, as well as why he feels that by following his suggestions the aging process can be slowed down or even stopped completely. At times, the book becomes fairly technical, and it may be a bit too much to handle for most readers, however, even if you do not understand his theories, or choose not to follow this diet, it does offers some valid points on how to improve the quality of your life as you start aging. For instance, it offers suggestions on how to stop stress and explains how mediation affects hormone levels in the body.

This book, also, contains a quick session on hormones and what they do to affect you as you go about aging. It goes into detail as to the impact of insulin on our overall health, and how the production of insulin can be regulated to a more manageable level with the diet. It explains why drugs like Viagra have the effect that they do, as well as some suggestions on some exercise routines to improve health. Of course, when performed at the same time with his diet, it will help in the aging process. It, also, discusses how adding supplements to your diet and mediation, should part of any anti-aging routine.

Anti-Aging Zone is an interesting book that will force you to think more carefully about what you’re eating. Sears offers many suggestions in this book that make a lot of sense, but also some that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If nothing else, this book explains why you need to take care of your body while it’s young. Overall, the book is extremely intriguing and is a must read in our opinion.

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