Anti-Aging Body Lotion Reviews: Which is Best?

Skincare has come a long way in the last decade. More and more cosmetic and skincare companies are now relying on all-natural and organic ingredients to rejuvenate mature skin. Synthetic ingredients, they’ve found, do little to change dull and tired skin for more than a short while.

Natural oils, like grape seed and avocado, are the hottest trend in rejuvenating body lotions.

Coconut oil has been called the miracle product of the century. And, women all over the world are raving about C. Phytoage, an extract often used in Eastern medicine and cosmetics but only recently made it’s way into Western products.

Another hot anti-aging ingredient is Alpha Lipoic, which neutralizes free radicals that can cause permanent damage to the skin. These new ingredients, combined with trusted ingredients like green tea, aloe vera and chamomile, have women looking years younger and happier.

With these ingredients in mind, we put the following three anti-aging body lotions to the test and found they are the best in their categories:

NeaClear Plus Liquid Oxygen Anti-Aging Body Lotion
Made with antioxidants and a special blend of botanical oils (including coconut oil), this body lotion holds moisture in for hours and restores skin to it’s natural PH level. It’s hypoallergenic and has been recommended by skin care professionals throughout the world. This product has the highest price point of the three recommended here, but it’s definitely worth it.

Olay Body Quench Plus Age Defying Body Lotion
Many women have grown to rely on Olay products, and this body lotion is a great pick. Green tea and grape seed extract highlight the list of anti-aging ingredients used in this product. The grape seed evens out color caused by roughness and long-term dryness. Women looking for fewer fine lines at a reasonable cost should add this to their arsenal of daily products.

Designer Skin Angel Anti-Aging Body Lotion
Designer Skin Angel offers an array of lotions with anti-aging ingredients, including C. Phytoage and Alpha Lipoic. Most of the lotions available from Designer Skin Angel use hemp seed oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E to moisturize. This lotion also has firming effects thanks to white birch extract and copper. This is one of the best products in the under-$10 category.

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