What Is Sculptra Aesthetic?

The Facial Filler That’s Taking the Cosmetic World by Storm

Are you considering getting an injectable filler but don’t know which one may be best for you?

We’re going to explain exactly what Sculptra is and what it does. By the end of this article, you’ll have a firm understanding of one of the top youth restoring injectables on the market today.

What Is It?

Sculptra Aesthetic is one of the top products in the family of facial injectables called collagen replacers. This is a relatively new type of product. Traditionally, injectables have been made from hyaluronic acid or a neurotoxin that actually relaxes the muscle so that your wrinkles appear to be reduced.

How Does It Work?

Collagen is a material that your body makes that keeps your skin plump and firmly attached to your underlying tissues. That’s what keeps your face looking young. But as you age, your body slows down collagen production. The lack of collagen causes your skin to lose its texture, elasticity, and shape.

In other words, you get saggy and wrinkly because your skin simply isn’t being held in place and can’t hold its shape anymore. The older you get, the less collagen you produce, and the more wrinkled you get.

This is a “natural” side effect of aging but research is showing that collagen production can actually be re-stimulated. Not surprisingly, this news is being met with great enthusiasm by those of us who are experiencing it!

Sculptra is one of those products that stimulates your body to increase collagen production. It targets the underlying cause of the wrinkles so that you see natural, noticeable results that can last as long as two years.

Sculptra can be injected into your nasolabial (laugh) lines, your marionette lines, or your chin lines in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in those areas.

How Long Does It Take?

Nowadays, most of the injectables offer almost instantaneous results, sometimes with just one treatment. The problem here is that people are going to notice the difference and know that you had “work done”.

This may not be a problem, but for about the same amount of money as Sculptra, which lasts up to 2 years, you’re only going to get results for a maximum of a about a year with the other products.

Though Sculptra requires about 3 injection sessions over a few months in order for you to get the full effect, the improvements are going to look more natural. Since the Sculptra is actually stimulating your natural collagen production, you’ll get longer-lasting results.

Is It Safe?

Sculptra Aesthetic is both biocompatible and biodegradable. That means that your body will naturally absorb it over time, so yes, it’s safe. It’s made of a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid which has been used for decades in dissolvable stitches. It’s been used as a facial injectable since 1999.

Other Advantages of a Collagen Replacer

Sculptra can treat even deep wrinkles by being injected deeper into the dermis. Since it’s biocompatible, you won’t require allergy testing and finally, it doesn’t require any lasers, incisions, or other really invasive procedures. There are no real side effects and it’s common for people to receive treatments on their lunch breaks and go straight back to work.

Final Words

Sculptra is an excellent longer-term solution to reducing the signs of aging. Because some of the results are drastic, you may want to try some more temporary injectables first in order to make sure that you actually like the look that you’ll get from injectables.

Sculptra doesn’t cause any numbness or lumpiness like some other types of injectable fillers may and the look is often more natural, but it can still be a pretty drastic change. Of course, for most people, that’s a good thing!

Regardless of your decision about Sculptra, good luck in your search for the right injectable! You may want to read our other article, Types of Injectables, for more information.

If you’ve tried Sculptra, please let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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