Thermage Effectiveness: Does It Work?

thermage effectiveness

Thermage is a fascinating new technology that is capable of allowing a patient to tighten the skin in their face, stomach, or elsewhere using radio waves. The power of such a technology is fascinating, but the claims sound bizarre enough that it is natural for people to question whether or not something like it could actually work.

In order to address this skepticism, it is helpful to understand how the technology actually works before discussing the results of the procedure. During the procedure, which takes roughly an hour, energy from radio waves is used to heat up the collagen in the skin. Collagen is the natural substance in the body that promotes healthy skin, giving in structure and preventing it from sagging and wrinkling. The benefits of collagen are the reason that people receive collagen injections. Each radio wave pulse cools the outer layer of the skin while warming the collagen beneath it. This causes the collagen to tighten up.

The results of the treatment are oftentimes visible immediately after the procedure is carried out. As a matter of fact, some of the women who received thermage treatment on their love handles lost about an inch and a half off of their abdomen immediately after going through one treatment. This skin is slightly tightened immediately after the procedure, and the skin continues to tighten for several months afterward. The full effect is not reached until after about six months. The procedure also causes the body to react by producing more collagen, which promotes healthier skin for extended periods of time.

Those who undergo the procedure typically describe it as feeling like a mild pinch. To help counteract the discomfort, anesthetic ointment is often applied before the procedure begins.

Thermage won’t work for everybody. It is most effective for people who require a tightening of about two millimeters. This is in contrast to a brow lift, which tightens the skin by more than a centimeter. Those with flabby areas on their body are also likely to benefit.

Side effects with thermage are rare, even in comparison to plastic surgery alternatives, which are already quite rare. Nevertheless, the side effects of the heating process can include blisters, bumps, swelling, redness, dimpling, and peeling. In most cases, if one of these side effects occurs it usually heals within a period lasting a couple days or a few weeks.

In conclusion, Thermage works, but it may not be enough to achieve the results you are looking for in some cases.

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