Hand Lifting Procedure That Reduces Hand Wrinkles

Many women are able to take care of wrinkles on the face, but wrinkles on the hands can be a dead give-away of age.

The hands are an exposed part of the body. If you get a lot of sun over the span of a lifetime, as you age your hands will show crinkling, veins and tendons. However, there are a number of things that can be done with plastic surgery to give refreshed hands.

Plastic surgeons can fill or use laser, but there is another procedure where they will actually do a hand lifting procedure that’s extremely similar to a face lift.

With this surgery they make an incision along the side of your hand and actually pull the skin tighter on the top surface of your hand. They then take off the extra skin and remove the wrinkles on your hands when the skin’s pulled tight again.

The recovery time for hand rejuvenation is about a week. The results will reduce the appearance of veins, tendons and hand wrinkles and will make your hands look firm and young. So if you dislike crinkly loose skin on the back of your hands, there are ways to make them look younger again. Because everyone has different needs and medical situations, speak with your plastic surgeon about getting a hand lift if you think that this may be for you. It doesn’t take long and the results can be pretty spectacular.

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