Dysport vs Botox

Which is the Better Option for Facial Wrinkles?

Since its approval in 2002, Botox has been the go-to treatment for those seeking a smoother, more youthful complexion, beating out other cosmetic skin care treatments by about 2 to 1. Now, however, there’s another product called Dysport that’s making a huge splash in the injectable cosmetic skin care market and everybody wants to know which one’s the best.

Both Botox and Dysport were originally used to treat neurological disorders such as muscle spasms, but the pleasantly-surprising side effect of wrinkle relaxation quickly became obvious. Approved for cosmetic use in 2009, Dysport is the first of several new toxin-based anti-aging products to meet FDA approval.

Since the two products are the only two of their kind on the U.S. market, everyone that wants to wipe away those wrinkles is entering the great debate. We did the research for you and discovered that there are 3 things that you need to know before making the great Botox or Dysport decision.

Which One Works Best?

Both Botox and Dysport involve the use of a neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze the muscles, thus minimizing or eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles. Because Dysport has a different consistency than Botox, it may be more useful in certain areas, and not quite as good in others.

While both Dysport and Botox are temporary procedures, there’s some debate about which product works faster and may last a little longer. To read more about the differences in effectiveness and to find out which one might work best for you, check out Dysport vs Botox: Effectiveness.

Side Effects

Side effects of Dysport are very similar to those of Botox and both can cause some pretty serious complications. There are times when you shouldn’t use either product, and there are some people that should never use them. To put this information at your fingertips before you make your decision, we’ve compiled a complete list of side effects for both products.


Any type of cosmetic procedure can be pricey but one of these two products costs a bit less. If you’re considering getting injections, we thought that knowing the price difference between these two products might help you make your decision. To find out which manufacturer is willing to cut you a break, and which one may cost less even without rebates or coupons, be sure to read Cost, Coupons & Rebates

If you’ve used Dysport or Botox, or have any questions that you’d like our other readers to answer, please feel free to use our comments section below.

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12 Responses to “Dysport vs Botox”
  1. kay says:

    I have had Botox 2-3 times in the past. Yesterday i had Dysport above my left eyebrow – about 5 injection sites. I have bad swelling going down into the eyelid and up into the temporal bone area with mild itching. There are no other side effects of allergic reactions. I had the injections about 3PM and the swelling occurred overnight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had botox for 3-4 years now and will be trying Dysport for the first time tommorrow. Must say I’m a bit nervous and hope I experience no side effects.

    Botox is not working as well anymore and I’ve experienced sever headaches as the botox wears off some.

    Wish me well : )

    • Marion says:

      My doc recently discontinued the Botox which I’ve been getting for my migraines for years. The Dysport doesn’t help at all! I have my migraines in my left temporal region and today for the first time he injected it RIGHT INTO where the pain usually happens. Will have to wait and see if it works.

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOVE IT Immediate same day results. I will do it again for the rest of my life. Side effect was an amazing fast result at a great affordable price.

  4. Anonymous2 says:

    I have had dysport twice, all on my forehead and last time by my eyes… I got it because of my migraines.. I had 18-22 shots at once! I love it and no side affects!

  5. Libralove says:

    I had Dysport for the first time last February 2011. It’s end of August and it’s all gone. The crows feet and forehead wrinkles are back. I’m off for a freshen-up.

    I felt little pain from the injections (150 units) and it worked almost immediately. It’s amazing. Never had botox, but heard Dysport acts faster and lasts longer. It ends up costing about the same as more needs to be injected for similar benefit.

    I’m a Dysport fan and have a new appointment.

  6. Awesome says:

    I used to use Botox every 3 months. I stopped using it and hadn’t for a year and 8 months. I started noticing very fine lines starting to appear and I don’t like the roughness of the skin when it moves. I used Dysport Friday the 26th and within 1 day I saw an amazing difference! Now it’s Tuesday and my forehead and around my eyes look phenomenal! I feel like I look so much more refreshed! I hope it does last longer than Botox. I’m very happy and excited. Also, like “Anonymous” I too had sever headaches when Botox started to wear off.

  7. marilyn says:

    i have used Botox since 2008, at age of 33 yaers old, now i switched to Dysport and I think is so much better than botox!! results inmediatly!!

  8. PetitChaton says:

    The cost of Dysport was my first consideration. I have migraines with 24/7 headaches from a posterior dislocated mandible which resulted in frozen, or contracted head and face muscles, a true medical anomaly which no one seems to know how to resolve. I found a great ND last year who does injections into my masseter and pterygoid (facial) muscles, so my face no longer aches with charlie horses. She also does injections in the middle of my frown lines between eyebrows and my neck and occiput, and that’s pretty much all I need to keep the migraines tolerable. Unfortunately the results don’t last past 2 months for relief.
    The main negative side effect I notice is what must be a brain thing: the first night of the injections I sleep fitfully, feel weird and have nightmares – has to be the chemicals passing through my brain tissue. But I also notice that over time and after each successive procedure I am feeling weirder and less healthy -it seems to be affecting my thought processes in a destructive way.
    Has anyone ever experienced similar effects? I know that anything can cause any type of reaction – is this affecting my mental processes as a result of what it is doing to the physical, particularly the brain processes?

  9. SwedishGirl says:

    Hi, I havent used Dysport yet but I have done Botox (agegroup 35-40) and had No result at all!
    First time I had glabella and forehead, in 4 stick, 20 units total. I did not have bad wrinkles but I was lines that would develop to wrinkles over time.
    Doctor said, I had to wait at least 2 weeks to go to a check up to see I had gotten results but that some people got effect in the first week.
    I did everyting right, I didnt work-out, did lay donwn first 14 hours after botox, didnt rub or put anything on, didnt take any medication before or after (same doctor I have been to since teen so knowns my health. I waited and waited, didnt frown or anything the first day. 2 weeks passed and I documeted my result or my LOST OF RESULT with video and photos. At check-up doctor saw me and I got follow-up injection in glabella only 2 sticks 20 units total Botox (10/stick) cause doctor thought I would have effect but that I responded slowly…
    After 3 weeks (5w since first Botox ever) I had no effect at all and I was a bit upset.
    Doctor offered me to see him in 3 month and pay 520 dollar again but I pointed out that I had gotten no effect of my 520 dollar Botox and asked if this was common or if the Botox was stored right and fresh. I also added I had making a journal over the 5 weeks and days before my first procedure. Then Doctor said they are using very diluted Botox in Sweden and that I may needed a stronger dosage. I was now offered to wait 5 weeks (10w since first procedure) and then get dosage recommended as i US. Ok, lets do it. At the third time I got 4 sticks in forehead line on a row (10 iu each) 40 units and then 2 sticks in glabella (10 iu/20 total and overall I got lets sum 6 sticks and a total of 60 units Botox. Doctor was a bit stressed and I didnt get to make faces so the doctor could se my muscles (its so easy if I have a mirror but without its not easy to do faces “right on command”. Doctor said You have to have results now cause I havent seen anyone who does not repond to this dosage”
    Ok, so here I am and 2 weeks have passed. I have no effect at all…I have never ever had Botox, Dysport or any thing like those before but I have to be one of those who are reacting on Botox, not even first time.
    I feel sad and I dunno what to do, Doctor cant offer me anything. Do I have to live with this? Thanks for advice-

    1 of those 1% in the world

  10. SwedishGirl says:

    Obs I mean “didnt lay down

  11. Chellie says:

    I had my first treatment in 2004 with ‘british botox’ and LOVED it! I proceeded to see another dr and received actual botox, first 20 units for my frown, it didn’t look nearly as good and didn’t last, so next time i had 30 units and after than 40 units just for my frown, costing a small fortune might I add. It still never looked as good and started moving again after a month. Then I remembered it wasn’t botox it was some british product which I discovered was Dysport. I have had Dysport regularly ever since and the doses I have today are half as much as when i started, I am never dissappointed and so from my first hand experience Dysport is FAR SUPERIOR, it worked faster, is cheaper, lasts significantly longer and just looks better and more natural!

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