Dysport vs Botox: Which is More Effective?

One Solution May Work Faster & Last Longer

If you’re trying to decide between Botox or Dysport, you probably already know that some people prefer one over the other. The important question, however, is this: Which one of them will work the best for you?

It’s a great question and one that bears asking. In order to answer it fully, though, we need to take a look at the differences in the products, and the pros and cons of each. Even though both Dysport and Botox have the same active ingredient (botulinum toxin type A), they have a couple key differences. Depending upon the procedure that you want, one may work better for you than the other.


This is the point where the rubber meets the road when discussing the differences between Botox and Dysport. It takes between 3-7 days to begin to see the results of Botox whereas Dysport only takes 1-3 days. If you want to be ready for that party that’s coming up in a day or two, you might be better off going with Dysport.

There are some random, informal observations that have been made by people across different forums when comparing these two products. Some people report that Dysport hurts a little more than Botox during the injections. Also, there are some people who report that Dysport worked for them when Botox didn’t but there aren’t really any significant medical studies to back this up.


Dysport has a thinner consistency than Botox and is becoming the popular product to use when treating broad, thinly-muscled areas such as those around your forehead because it spreads easier and further and may be less prone to leave a lumpy look. Dysport’s becoming popular for treatment of crow’s feet for the same reason.

Since Botox is thicker, it’s still preferred by many doctors for use in concentrated thicker-muscled areas such as around your mouth or between your eyes. ¬†Another advantage of Dysport’s consistency is that you may require fewer injections because it does spread more easily.


This seems to be the most debatable area in the great Dysport vs Botox debate. The two products aren’t bioequivalent which means that 100 cc of Botox does not contain the same amount of the active ingredient as 100cc of Dysport.

As a matter of fact, you’ll need to use about 2.5 times the amount of Dysport to get the same results. At this conversion, most patients are reporting that the products work for about the same amount of time, but many doctors adjust the ratio to 3:1.

Many people seem to believe that Dysport lasts a bit longer than Botox at this dose. With either product, results typically last 3-6 months and some doctors are reporting that people who don’t get at least 3 months out of Botox may respond better to Dysport.

If you’re trying to decide between Dysport and Botox, there are several factors that you may want to consider.

  • How have you responded to Botox in the past?
  • What areas do you want treated?
  • How quickly do you want to see results?
  • Are you willing to get a few more injections? You’ll need to if you choose Dysport.
  • Is cost a factor? Dysport is about 10-20% cheaper than Botox, at least for now.

When it comes right down to it, the decision about which product to use is a personal one that should be discussed between you and your doctor. Everybody has different needs and depending upon what yours are, one product may be better for you than the other. As with any medical procedure, do your research, talk to your doctor, and make an informed decision.

Did you know that Dysport and Botox aren’t just used for wrinkles? Though that’s what they’re both famous for, they also help alleviate the symptoms of several severe medical conditions.

If you’ve tried both (or either) of these products, we’d love to hear about your results. Please lend us your insight in the comment section below.

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4 Responses to “Dysport vs Botox: Which is More Effective?”
  1. Becky Rogers says:

    I have used dysport once for the wrinkles on my forehead & in between my eyes. It was my first & only experience receiving any injectibles for my wrinkles. It has been a year & a half since I received my dysport injection. I have been very please with the results & the longevity. Although my lines are now returning on my forehead, they are still nowhere as bad & noticeable as they were before the dysport injection. Not bad for a year & a half later. My sister has had both Botox & dysport injections. She tells me that dysport does not last as long Botox. But for the price difference I have been very pleased with Dysport & plan on getting injections under my eyes asap.

    • Theresa says:

      That’s great Becky! Glad to hear that you had a great experience with Dysport, and thanks for telling us about it. There’s no better way to learn about a product than from somebody that’s used it!

  2. skindiva says:

    I’ve used both products and I really prefer Dysport. It works much quicker and my results last longer, too. Also, it’s a little cheaper, but the thing that I really like is that it spreads better. It seems like I don’t have that lumpy feeling when I leave the docs office like I did when I was getting Botox.

    Of course, this may be because I’m only doing my crow’s feet and my 11’s but still, I definitely prefer the Dysport and will stick with it for as long as it works for me, or until I take the dive and have a facelift.

  3. Tracy says:

    I have tried both botox and Dysport. For me, hands down Dysport worked the best.

    With Dysport, I had my crows feet done which lasted three times longer than botox. I had botox injections (48 units/crows feet, frown lines plus top lip) and it only lasted 2 months.

    I could tell it was wearing off and woke up one morning and crows feet were back. At least with Dysport it was more gradual in wearing off. I have also wondered if the botox was mixed improperly.

    I am having Dysport injections tomorrow. I thought botox was much more painful than Dysport.

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