Leg & Spider Vein Treatment with Coolglide Lasers

Coolglide Laser Treatment

Leg and spider vein treatment with CoolGlide lasers can dramatically change the appearance of your legs. Thanks to the latest in vein treatment technology, those who have been afflicted with varicose veins are finding that they can wear shorts and skirts without feeling self-conscious.

Reported Results from CoolGlide Laser Treatments

CoolGlide Laser treatments for the legs use an energy pulse to collapse spider veins. The results on patients are remarkable. In fact, there are only a few cases where other options for removal are indicated (such as severely knotted veins). CoolGlide lasers work on any skin tone and are the top choice of many doctors when it comes to treatments for spider veins. Your legs may be free from spider veins with just one or two treatments using CoolGlide lasers.

Possible Side-Effects from CoolGlide Lasers

Though there are concerns with using CoolGlide treatments on people with certain health conditions, your doctor will consider your health history and present state of health before performing laser treatments on your leg veins. Unlike more invasive forms of treatment for varicose veins, CoolGlide lasers do not require injections. Vein treatment with CoolGlide Lasers is more uncomfortable than painful and when the treatment is finished, you should not feel pain. Your legs may swell and be red for a day or so after being treated, but it rarely lasts for more than 24 hours. The removal of larger veins can cause a brown pigmentation that may last for a few to several weeks. Other more rare side-effects include bruising and blistering. The specialist may recommend using support hose for a specified period in order to avoid any difficulties.

Cost of CoolGlide Laser Treatments for Leg Veins

The cost of CoolGlide Laser treatments for veins in the legs averages about $200 for the initial treatment, but may be less for follow-up treatments. Most find they only need one or two treatments to get rid of their spider veins, but the number of treatments that are needed will depend on the size and amount of veins to be removed.

If you or someone close to you has trouble with veins in the legs, but has been putting off treatment because of possible side-effects of vein removal, leg and spider vein treatment with CoolGlide lasers may be the solution for which you have been searching.

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