Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift Procedure

Have your genetics given you a flat, old lady’s butt? If you are looking to get a rounded and more youthful bottom but don’t like the idea of artificial implants, a new procedure called the Colombian Hi-Definition Butt Lift may be of interest to you. Incorporated by plastic surgeon David Broadway, M.D., this procedure removes fat from your thighs and knees and relocates it into your butt.

How the Procedure Works

Using an ultrasound VASER tool that emits energy and breaks up the cement between fat cells, the surgeon will liposuction fat from the unwanted areas around the buttocks and reinject your own fat back into the buttocks itself. Where liposuction in the past was simply about reducing volume, using the VASER allows plastic surgeons to be able to actually sculpt the body much more precisely. Today they use the muscles underneath and the bony structure to give a three-dimensional look. The result is a fuller, higher definition butt with smoother skin both on and around the buttocks area.

Side Effects of the Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift

The most obvious effect is a fun and sexy butt. In addition, those who receive the Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift end up with thinner thighs and knees as a result of the liposuction. Patients must rest for a few days following the procedure, but the soreness only lasts about a week.

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2 Responses to “Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift Procedure”
  1. lucky says:

    How much does a typical Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift cost?

  2. Anika says:

    I’m am beyond ready for this procedure. How much does it cost? Can the fat be taken from your stomach if you don’t have enough in your knees & thighs? Is there a reputable Dr. in the Oakland, Ca area that can perform this procedure?

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