Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles

carbon dioxide laser resurfacing

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing uses laser light energy to successfully treat skin conditions such as those that have been caused by sun damage. The procedure can also be effective to treat other irritations of the skin and a variety of problems associated with wrinkles and skin abnormalities due to aging, as well as biological and environmental damage to the skin.

When comparing carbon dioxide laser resurfacing to other types of lasabrasion, such as Erbium Laser and N-Lite, determining what procedure is right for you depends on a number of factors that need to be discussed with your dermatologist and reputable cosmetic surgeon first. Taking all the risks and advantages into consideration will help you choose the method most suited to your needs and expectations. For instance, with N-Lite lasabrasion, you won’t be going through the intense follow-up after the procedure to reduce the chances of scarring because there is no removal of skin layers as with the other two types, but only works to stimulate collagen production. You have no recuperation time at all. The downside is that for deeper wrinkles, N-Lite is not as effective a treatment. The carbon dioxide laser treatment requires several weeks of recuperation and one treatment may not be all that is needed.

As with any other product or service, cost is also a factor in determining any skin care treatment you might consider employing. This will depend on where you live as the cost of living dictates for anything else in the consumer market but, generally speaking, carbon dioxide laser treatment for wrinkle reduction runs between $2000 and $2500. Since the procedure often needs to be done more than once for optimum results, this can mean a cost of up to $6000 over an extended period of time since the skin needs to fully heal before another such procedure can be started.

There are many people who have been most happy with the results of carbon dioxide laser treatment for wrinkles and will tell you there is nothing better that they might have done otherwise, but in the final analysis these decisions are personal decisions that need to be carefully considered before making the choice.

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