Anti-Aging with MesoLift

mesolift anti-aging

No one wants to show signs of aging and there are many products out there from creams to treatments that claim to be able to prevent or reduce them. However, very few of these products actually have long term results or even work in the first place.

That is why it is so refreshing to tell you about MesoLift.

This is an exciting, new procedure that works from the inside out, not the other way around. It can be used to tone skin on the face, neck, legs, abdomen, arms and hands.

Depending upon the results of the initial consultation with your doctor, a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and Hylaron Acid are created to work specifically with your unique characteristics.

When skin breaks down, it loses collagen and elasticity. MesoLift is a series of injections performed in your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office that combines a variety of antioxidants and vitamins and delivers these nutrients directly to the source that needs them, revitalizing your skin and ultimately your appearance. Your skin will improve upon your body’s natural metabolism and your skin will be the direct beneficiary.

Typically six to eight total treatments are needed during the first phase of the treatment and usually the initial phase works with an appointment scheduled every other week for the treatment. After this is complete, a person only usually requires maintenance treatments to keep up the great appearance that MesoLift will create. Usually a maintenance treatment is scheduled every four, six or twelve months depending upon y our own specific needs and condition.

Additionally, studies show that when MesoLift is started at a young age, between the ages of 35 and 40, there is an increasingly good chance you will never suffer from the appearance of cellulite and your skin will retain a younger, wrinkle-free appearance up to 15 years longer than other treatments.

For more information about MesoLift, consult with your doctor.

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