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    I’m in my 50’s and have been noticing that my memory is starting to get a little fuzzy. It’s the stereotypical “walking into a room and forgetting what I’m there for” kind of thing but it’s getting worse instead of better. I’ve had some people suggest that I try either fish oil or CoQ10 but I hate to just start taking anything off the cuff without researching.
    I tried to speak to my doctor about it but as is typical of Western medicine, he just told me that it was an unavoidable part of aging. I’ve made an appointment with an homeopath but couldn’t get in for another 2 months. Does anybody have any good suggestions regarding supplements or even mind exercises that I can use to keep my mind sharp?
    Thanks in advance!


    I’ve been taking fish oil for the last 2 years and it’s really helped me. I was starting to get a little brain fog and couldn’t figure out why when a friend suggested that I may be short on omega-3’s. They play a huge part in your brain function (something like 40% of your brain is made up of them) and after just a few weeks of taking them regularly, I started to notice a huge improvement.
    I wasn’t having the memory lapses so much as I was just a general fog. I was having problems with concentration and focusing on any task for any length of time and now I’m right back to normal. The  only thing I suggest though is to make sure that your oil is purified and get the enterically coated kind so that you’re not burping up fishy flavors. I messed up the first time and went cheap and it tasted disgusting. The kind I have now has no aftertaste or repeating hardly at all.  I use Nature Made 3000mg and take 2 per day.
    Hope this helps!


    Hey there! I’m in my mid-50’s as well and as a NYC attorney, I have to be sharp. I’m an avid reader and love to do brain puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku. I also like to play with those fun IQ tests online just to see how high I can score. Your brain is just like any other part of your body – if you don’t work it, it won’t stay lean and mean.
    I also take fish oil and CoQ10 and try to eat a healthy diet, or at least avoid fast food. Eat lots of fruits and veggies so that your circulation stays good because that helps keep good blood flow to your brain. Besides that, you may want to see your doctor if this is a real problem because there may be an organic cause. Better to be safe than sorry!


    Great topic! I’m 41 and was starting to notice some of the same symptoms. Mainly, my problem was brain fog. I added fish oil supplements and CoQ10 to my diet and I also started eating a healthier diet.

    I talked to my doctor and she suggested that I cut back my sugar intake as well. There seems to be significant research linking memory problems with a high-sugar diet as well as proof that Alzheimer’s disease is actually a form of diabetes.

    She also recommended that I add more exercise to my diet in the form of moderate cardio 3 times per week. I’ve always been pretty sporadic about exercising but since she made the suggestion, I’ve tried harder to exercise regularly. Since changing my diet and and increasing my exercise, my brain fog has completely disappeared. I’ve lost 10 pounds too, so bonus!!


    I’m about the same age as you are, Theresa and I take CoQ10 and fish oil, too. I’ve also recently added ginko biloba to my supplements and I think it’s helping, too.

    I’m not a huge sweets person but chips are my downfall. I never really realized how bad they were for you (or more accurately, I didn’t really care) until the last few years. Especially since the links between sugar and diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s have been made, I’ve been trying to cut back on sugars. I’ve pretty much completely eliminated refined sugars from my diet and really keep a close eye on natural ones such as the ones in fruits.

    Since kicking refined sugars to the curb, my memory seems to be much better as well. I don’t know if there’s an actual correlation or not, but it’s pretty much the only thing that I’ve changed so I wanted to tell you all about it. Can’t hurt, right?


    Taking supplements can help preserve memory loss but there are a range of things you can do to maintain a healthy brain. You should ensure that you get regular exercise and drink lots of water. As well as this you should sleep well and get good mental stimulation.

    Memory loss and other forms of dementia are things that lots of people worry about, especially as they get up into their 50’s. I know because I’m there too.

    For more information on how to keep your brain healthy I have dedicated a whole page to this on my website, the purpose of which is to provide information on what you can do and products you can buy that will help.

    Check it out:

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