Top 4 Concerns That You May Have About Aging

Age Related Changes You Can Control

Are you worried about what the coming years are going to do to your body and want to do what you can to age gracefully?

If so, we’re here to help. Though there are definitely some things that you can’t avoid, you can really slow down the aging process by being proactive.

Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the top age-related changes that you can expect, and offer some solutions that will help you slow down the hands of time.

You may be surprised how easy it can be to stay young and mobile well into your 80’s and beyond!

  1. Brain Decay

    Most people think that forgetfulness, lapses in thoughts, and other signs of cognitive decline are just unavoidable parts of getting older. Good news: research is proving that they’re not, at least not completely. It’s true that you’re going to slow down a bit because your number of neurons in your brain decreases but you can help yourself stay sharp.

    What To Do

    To keep your brain functioning and limber, play thinking games such as word puzzles and trivia. Also, exercise regularly and stay socially active. People who remain engaged in physical and social activities are shown to experience less age-related cognitive decline than their couch potato counterparts.

  2. Middle Aged Spread

    Be you man or be you woman, you’re not going to be able to shed those pounds as easily once you hit middle age as you could when you were younger. As you age, you tend to lose muscle mass and that’s going to be replaced with fat. Since lean muscle burns a ton more calories than fat does, your metabolism is going to slow down.

    What To Do

    The best way to avoid the spread altogether is to head into middle age at a healthy weight. The best way to combat muscle loss is to exercise. You may find that you need to put a little more time into your routine or mix it up a bit in order to just maintain a healthy weight. Because your metabolism is slowing down, you may not need to eat as much either. Get moving and watch your portions and you won’t find yourself spreading into a bigger size.

  3. Bone Loss

    Osteoporosis is a major concern for most of us as we age because it’s one of the biggest causes of mobility loss. A broken leg at 25 sets you back for 6 weeks; one at 70 may very well put you in a wheelchair forever.

    As you get older, it’s harder for your body to absorb calcium. Beginning in your 40’s and 50’s, lack of this essential mineral will cause your bones to get porous and shrink. It’s also possible that you’re not getting enough vitamin D, which you get primarily from exposure to sunlight. If you’re not getting enough D, your body can’t absorb calcium efficiently.

    What To Do

    The best way to keep your bones strong is too make sure that you’re getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Of course, if you’ve made a habit of getting enough of these minerals throughout your lifetime, your bones are going to be that much stronger. If you haven’t , do what you can now! Also, incorporating regular moderate weight-bearing exercises into your workout routine helps keep your bones strong, too. Click here to find a good calcium supplement.

  4. Decreased Sex Drive

    Often, this is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to be the first to mention. As you age, your sexual needs might change. They may also be affected by medications, or chemical changes in your body such as menopause. Women may have problems with dryness and men may have problems with partial or complete impotence.

    What To Do

    Open your mouth. Say something to your partner and to your doctor. Don’t let a little embarrassment cause you to miss out on something that you enjoy, and definitely don’t let your discomfort damage your relationship with your significant other. There are numerous strategies that can help you out and many of them are as simple as using a cream. But the first step is to bring your problem out into the open.

Getting older is unavoidable but falling apart isn’t. Remember that with just a few wise decisions, you can sail easily through middle age and march soundly into your golden years. You need to make those good decisions and stick with them though. With a little effort and some luck, you’ll still be dancing at 80!

If you’d like to read about some ways to work your brain, check out our article on Brain Exercises.

If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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