Saggy Arm Exercises

Some of us store fat on our arms and others store fat around their middle. Whichever the case, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that in order to improve a problematic area that you simply need to work it out with more exercise targeting the specific area of concern. However, even if you work out your arms daily with weights, excess body fat will hide those defined muscles. Thus, the key to improving your appearance and progressing at twice the speed is not just working out your arms, but reducing body fat at the same time.

Reducing Body Fat

Cut back on high-fat, high-calorie junk foods and add more beneficial anti-aging foods and healthy fats like olive oil to your diet. In addition, start with basic anti-aging exercises to build up your cardio, energy levels and to reduce your body fat.

Tightening the Backs of Your Arms

  • Triceps Kickback – With your left hand, lean forward and brace yourself against a counter top or chair. With a weight in the right hand, bring your right elbow back behind you until the back of your arm is parallel with the ground and your forearm is hanging at a right angle. Keeping your elbow pulled pack, slowly straighten your forearm behind your body. Repeat this motion rotating arms and adding more weight and repetitions as you progress.

  • Wall Push-up

    Wall Push-up

  • Push-ups – If you are a beginner, try doing push-ups against the wall to get started. Begin by facing the wall, standing a just a little farther than your arm’s length. Place your palms on the wall at about your shoulder height and about a shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows moving your upper body slowly towards the wall but be sure to keep your body straight and feet planted. Pause and then slowly push yourself back until your arms are straight again, but don’t lock your elbows. Repeat this motion adding more repetitions as you progress and eventually doing push-ups from the ground.

  • Surfing – If you live near the beach, consider picking up surfing. Paddling on the surfboard is a great way to tone the backs of your arms. Surfing is also groovy for burning fat and improving cardio at the same time.

Toning Your Biceps

  • Biceps Curl – With weight in hand and elbow at your side, slowly bend your arm with palm facing out and bring the weight to your chest. Make sure you keep a slow and steady pace feeling the burn in your biceps as you curl. Over time you can increase repetitions and weight as needed.

Getting Sexier Shoulders

  • Front shoulder raise – Stand with your legs spaced shoulder width apart. With arm at your side and palm facing down, slowly raise a weight in front of you keeping your arm straight and until your arm is shoulder high and parallel with the ground. Slowly lower your arm and repeat the motion increasing repetitions and weight as you progress.

  • Swimming – Beneficial for both your shoulders and cardio. Focus on strokes that workout your arms and pull yourself through the water with your upper body more than using your legs.

Tight and Tone Forearms

  • Hammer curl – Similar to the bicep curl, stand with weight in hand and elbow at your side. Slowly bend your arm, but this time keep your palm facing into your body while you raise the weight. Focus on your forearms while you repeat the motion and increase the weight and repetition as you improve.

  • Tennis – Gripping and swinging a tennis racquet is great exercise for your forearms. In addition, you get the added benefits of burning fat and improving your cardio at the same time. If there are courts near your house, consider taking tennis lessons or playing regularly with a friend.

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