Neck Exercises for Wrinkles

neck exercise wrinkles

Let’s face it, all women look at their profile in the mirror when they start to “hit a certain age.” There is no bigger telltale sign that you are getting old than when you begin to see jowls or saggy skin around your neck.

Unfortunately, this can begin to happen to women in their late 20’s! The reason being is that facial skin loses elasticity before other areas of the body and depending on your lifestyle or environmental factors, this is one area of the body that will age you long before your butt starts to sag or you develop a pooch around your belly.

However, just as you know exercise is important for other parts of your body, doing neck exercises can also ward off wrinkles and saggy skin, allowing you to have a firmer jaw line and more defined profile.

  • First, start off in a seated position with your legs comfortably folded. Sit up straight and be aware of your posture. Slowly, tilt your head back. Hold this position for ten beats and take note of the tension under your jaw line. Bring your head back to its resting position and then repeat this five times.

  • Next, fully relax your shoulders and keep your eyes focused on an item directly in front of you. Turn your head so you are now facing off to the right. However, do not move your shoulders. Hold this position for five beats before returning to your natural position, then do the same on the left side.

  • Finally, drop down and get into position on your hands and knees. Move your head down, but keep your elbows straight and your neck and spine in place. Inhale. As you start to exhale, work to curve your back down while you lift your head up. Repeat this five times.

These exercises work to improve skin tone around the neck and collarbone, improving elasticity and firming sensitive skin.

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