Looking Younger at 50

looking younger at 50

All women want to keep their youthful good looks as they age. However, the moment a woman reaches 50, the psychological impact of meeting the half century mark can take its tool, not only on her psyche, but also on her looks.

Being 50 doesn’t have to be scary, nor does it mean you can’t look vibrant and young and beautiful. Furthermore, you don’t have to have pricey cosmetic surgery to look great either! You can have an incredible appearance without having to go under the knife.

First, the most important factor in how you look at 50 is based on the lifestyle you lead. If you have not had to pay attention to diet or exercise before, it is probably high time you snap to attention on that subject. In order to preserve your appearance and longevity, you need to eat a balanced and healthy diet, you need to exercise regularly, and you need to drink plenty of water.

The effects of doing this will allow you to keep a healthy weight, boost your immune system, improve your appearance, reduce the appearance of cellulite, have anti-aging effects, including improving appearance of skin and cell production, and increase your energy.

Next, consider how you currently wear your hair and its color. Invest in a soft and touchable cut, one that highlights the natural contours of your face. Do not go in for trendy or long hairstyles as this can age you. Get some highlights or lowlights placed in your hair, but don’t do anything too over the top. After all, there is nothing worse than a 50 year old who is trying to look like she is 20.

Finally, dress your age. This means putting the mini-skirts and the tube tops away. Unless you are Christie Brinkley (and even she knows better), there is no reason why a 50 year old woman should be dressing like an adolescent. It’s time for you to realize you can look sexy, beautiful, and confident in clothes that are meant for you. When you dress too “young” or immaturely, you draw attention to the fact that you are not a 25 year old. There are so many flattering, beautiful clothes out there that will highlight the fabulous 50 year old that you are!

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  1. Terri says:

    Diane – I’ve heard about resveratrol. I just turned 50 and will give it a try. Have you tried any other Juven products?


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