Leg Exercises for Women at Home

leg excercise women

Every woman wants shapely and beautiful legs and we all know that in order to get them, we need to exercise. As difficult as it may be in order to find time to get to the gym or work out at home, it is necessary, not only to look great, but to also be healthy and fit.

It needs to be noted that sometimes, it is easy for women to get discouraged when it comes to leg exercises. Due to a lot of misinformation both on the internet and at the gym, many women will stop doing leg exercises because they do not see any progress.

If done correctly, leg exercises will not only give you shapely legs, they will also give you added energy and strength.

The best leg exercise for a woman hands down is the lunge. Look ladies, we know its tedious, but this exercise works.

To do a lunge correctly, stand with your shoulders in a natural position, keep good posture and breathe from your core. Step forward, gliding your foot along the ground, until your heel catches the ground a few feet in front of you. Bring your knee to the ground until it is only off of the floor by a couple inches and hold it, then return to your normal standing position. Repeat on the other leg.

Another great leg exercise comes directly from your yoga class, the Downward Facing Dog. In this exercise, it is necessary for you to use a mat or something to protect you from a hard floor surface. Place your feet the width of your hips apart from one another, allow your toes to face forward. Next, place your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart, spread your fingers. Lift your tailbone towards the sky and push down through your heels. Open your upper back by rotating your shoulder blades apart from one another. Place more weight on your feet, rather than your hands and push down. Lift your pelvic floor muscles and drop the ribcage, lift your kneecaps and contract your quads. Hold this pose for five to ten deep breaths and repeat.

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