Wanna Live Longer? Keep Your Heart Healthy!

The 3 Things To Keep In Mind for a Happy Heart

Worried about having a healthy heart now that you’re getting older?

Me too, so I did some research and found some fairly simple ways to keep your ticker healthy. Here are some easy ways that I found that actually make a difference that I can feel every day.


Stress is probably one of the top issues connected with heart problems. Even a younger, perfectly healthy person with heavy stress can have a heart attack.

Some great ways to get rid of your stress include working out regularly, taking a short getaway for a day, or looking for a less stressful atmosphere to work or live in.

Find whatever it takes to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and make it part of your already busy life. There’s nothing so important that you should intentionally give yourself a heart attack. Take care of your heart and mind – one is connected inseparably to the other.

Garbage In, Garbage Out!

What does this mean? Well, it means exactly what it sounds like. Think of your body like an airplane. You wouldn’t want to see the grounds crew adding diesel to the tank when it takes jet fuel to get the most power from the engines in order to fly. How far will that plane go? It’s only a matter of time and the engine will die. Same goes for the fuel that you put into your body.

I personally love a big burger fresh off of the grill with everything on it, but I don’t eat one every day. Nor do I eat fries, apple pies, or other delicious-but-but-horrible-for-you things that are deep fried from chain restaurants. I do eat those things sometimes but in moderation – that’s a key factor to being happy and healthy as well.

While we’re talking about diet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Omega 3 fatty acids. Found in such foods as fatty fish, nuts, and green veggies, this nutrient is probably the best thing for your heart that you can eat. To read more about why it’s so good for you, check out our article on the benefits of Omega 3’s. If you don’t like to eat fish such as salmon in order to get this vital nutrient, then you can take a daily supplement. Click here to find the best deals on Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Instead of sugary, fatty treats, put a favorite piece of fruit on your plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you WILL notice how much extra energy you’ll have in no time at all. You don’t have to be a health nut. Just consider what you want out of your body and feed it accordingly.

Physical Activity

Yes, you hear it all the time but it’s true. You need to practice some kind of physical activity every single day. You do not need to sign up for an extreme work out session at your local gym. You do need to at least walk to your mailbox, go swimming, play outside with your kids or grandkids, ride a bike, play chase with your dog, or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

Anything that requires your heart rate to increase without overexertion is good for you. If you can still talk during an exercise then you’re OK to carry on. Just get outside (or inside, wherever!) and do it! You’ll be surprised by how just walking up and down your staircase a few extra times a day will give you more energy and help you breathe better.

If you’re worried about keeping your heart healthy as you age then do something about it. It’s your life so quit making excuses and start living healthier so that you can live longer. Take care of your heart and body because nobody else will do it for you!

If you have some great tips for heart health, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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