Foods to Avoid if You Want to Age Healthy

foods to avoid

There are a lot of great foods to add into your diet, but there may be even more that you need to eliminate. The vast majority of the foods available today in our local supermarkets and restaurants are loaded with preservatives, nitrates and sodium. Acrylamide, which is a chemical that has recently been linked to cancer, is also prevalent almost everywhere we shop.

What we eat affects us on a daily basis. Fluctuating levels of sodium and sugar can cause mood swings, fatigue, headaches and even depression. Therefore, it important to shop wisely and to know that what you put in your body plays a significant role in your health, appearance and mood.

The following foods are often part of a typical on the go diet. However, they can easily be replaced by eating and shopping savvier. You only have one body. Make the choice to keep it healthy by avoiding the following worst foods for your body:

  • Soft drink/Sodas. Loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, soda usually contains high levels of caffeine and can give you a unpleasant “crash” feeling. These drinks have unnecessary preservatives and high fructose corn syrup can actually trick your body into thinking it’s hungrier than it really is.

  • Fried potato chips. Loaded with fat, calories, sodium and covered in hydrogenated oil, potato chips are over processed and contain tons of trans-fat and preservatives. What you may think is just a light snack is really very unhealthy.

  • Store bought sugary cakes and baked goods. High in trans fat, which reduces the good cholesterol in your body, store bought baked goods are terrible for you. If you want to treat yourself, the better alternative is to go to a real bakery and pick up a fresh made dessert. They contain fewer preservatives and are generally made with better ingredients.

  • French fries. Plain and simple, french fries are nothing but empty calories. There are zero nutrients in a french fry. It is best to avoid them, but if you really want to splurge every once in a while, opt for making them homemade using fresh ingredients.

  • Hot dogs. You don’t know what parts of the meet you are getting when you buy hot dogs and even some lunchmeat. They are high in nitrates, nitrites and even contain acrylimide, a known carcinogen. It’s a no brainer that these need to be eliminated from your diet. However, if you are having a BBQ and feel hot dogs are a necessity, you can purchase nitrate free hot dogs at some health food stores.

  • Donuts. So many to choose from how could you resist? It’s FRIED FAT! Donuts are incredibly horrible for your body as they are also jam packed with nothing but carbs and sugars.

  • Fried Catfish. The catfish is a bottom feeding fish. It is loaded with toxins and contains very few nutrients. It’s better to stick to healthier, coldwater fish like salmon and tuna which are naturally healthy and full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Bacon. Two strips of bacon cooked and drained contain 10 grams of fat (imagine if you don’t drain it). It also contains nitrates and nitrites which have been linked to stomach, pancreatic and colon cancers.

  • Canned soup. Everyone sees the commercials on T.V with children smiling and eating soup. The kids are cute, but the product isn’t! Canned soup contains MSG trans fat and tons of sodium. In fact, one cup of soup can deliver more than half of your daily recommended allowance of sodium a day, not to mention most soup cans contain more than one cup. If you love your canned soup, at least look for the brands that offer low sodium versions of your favorite flavors.

  • Fast food hamburgers. The average fast food hamburger contains MORE than one and a half times the recommended daily allowance of fat! And that’s just one hamburger, not to mention half of your daily sodium allowance. When you throw in fries and a soft drink, your body actually has to start fighting to survive!

Our bodies weren’t meant to digest all the man-made foods that we are exposed to. Changing a few small things can go a long way and can even be a fun process. Beauty starts from within. Make your body happy and it will show on the outside!

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  1. MiaVon says:

    Thank you for this article! I am completely agreeing that these food listed above are not healthy at all! I didnt know that fluctuating levels of salt and sugar can cause moodswings!! I love cakes but from now on I will be more disciplined!!!

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