Five Anti-Aging Beauty Tips that Middle Aged Women Need to Know

How to Look Younger by Aging Wisely!

Turning 40 can be an awkward and frustrating time because we’re not quite spring chickens anymore, but we’re nowhere near being old hens yet either.

We’re kind of in the ‘tween stage of life. We’re old enough to know what we want and young enough to still do it. The problem, though, is what to wear and how to look our best when we’re doing it!

The answer here is that there’s no right answer. Wear clothes that fit you properly and that you feel comfortable in. One of the glorious things about getting a bit older is that you also become more comfortable in your own skin. You know what looks good and what doesn’t, so outside of that, wear what you like!

There are some things that you’re going to need to change though in order to stay looking great. Over the next few paragraphs, we’re going to talk about some minor modifications that you may want to make in order to stay looking young, fashionable and glowing.

Ditch That Plain Foundation

Chances are good that the foundation that you’ve been using for the last 25 years isn’t going to cut it for you anymore. As a matter of fact, regular foundations can settle into your fine lines and make you look even older.

Opt instead for a foundation formulated specifically for aging skin such as Clinique’s Even Better Makeup with SPF 15. Also, you may want to add a primer if you haven’t already because then you’ve got a nice even surface for your foundation.

Try Anthelios 50 Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen. In addition to providing a great base for your foundation, it’s also hypoallergenic so even people with sensitive skin like it. If you’d like to read more about this product before clicking on the link to buy it, check out our review article here.

Add an Anti-Aging Moisturizer

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to find a good moisturizer. Look for products with hyaluronic acid, retinol (be careful with that if you have sensitive skin), collagen boosters, and antioxidants in them. Oil of Olay’s Total Effects Touch of Sun Moisturizer is good, plus it has the bonus slow tanning effect.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Especially if you’ve been using the same color eye shadow and hair color since you were 30, go treat yourself to a spa day. Get a facial, a manicure, a pedicure, and have your hair and makeup done. Don’t skimp on this though. Go to a good quality place with professionals, not the local beauty academy.

The professionals at the spa will gladly coach you on what products and techniques work best with you skin and that’s really the key to stylish looks. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of de-stressing and taking one of those rare, “me” days that we all need but rarely take!

Go Through Your Closet

No matter how much you like those size 6 flair jeans, if you’ve been a size 10 for 5 years, get rid of them. The same thing goes for those jeans that “almost” fit. They don’t, and tight clothes make you look even bigger, especially now that we’re a bit more…err…lumpy than we used to be.

On the flip side, ditch the “mom” jeans, too. They make you look old, and those high-waisted things haven’t been in fashion since the 80’s, plus they make your butt look huge. The first clue to others that you’re a frumpy, middle aged woman is that you’re dressing like one! Buy jeans and slacks that fit you now, and if that makes you crazy, use it as an incentive to lay off the cupcakes and head to the gym.

Get Active

It’s a sad fact that as you age, your metabolism slows down, which means that the moderate exercise and semi-decent diet that’s kept you slim and trim for 40 years may not be enough anymore. Middle-age spread is much easier to avoid than it is to get rid of, so be proactive. Make sure that you incorporate weight training too, because regular moderate resistance work keeps your bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Keep Up With Your Physicals

In these days of incredible medical technology, early disease detection is the key to survival. Most tests are non-invasive and covered by insurance, so there’s no real reason to lag behind on your checkups. Get your paps, mammograms, and all of the other goodies regularly so that if a problem arises, you’ll catch it before it has a chance to become unmanageable.

Also, keep up with your dental appointments and hair appointments. Nothing makes you look old and unkempt like yellow teeth or gray roots. The general rule is to simply take care of yourself. You’re going to need a bit more maintenance now that you did 2 decades ago, but it’s worth it!

Final word

Being a middle aged woman is fraught with challenges. We still feel young, but our bodies are changing almost daily. Our clothes don’t fit right, our makeup doesn’t hide our flaws anymore, and our hair is beginning to turn gray and get thinner. That’s a lot to absorb and adjust to.

By being proactive and taking good care of yourself now, you’ll be setting yourself up for years of active, healthy living, so take care – these first few changes are only the beginning, but how you manage them determines what comes next!

If you have anything that you’d like to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

4 Responses to “Five Anti-Aging Beauty Tips that Middle Aged Women Need to Know”
  1. Sarah says:

    This is an awesome article! I’m having problems figuring out exactly where I fit in to the fashion scene right now because like you said, we’re not young anymore, but we’re not old, either!
    Hallelujah to the mom jeans comment though! Thankfully those are something that I was glad to leave in the 80’s and I fervently hope that they never return because then I really would be out of fashion!
    Something else that I’ve discovered here – you probably need re-fitted for a good bra. Unfortunately, our metabolism isn’t the only thing that gets lower! Go to a good undies store and they’ll fix you right up, pardon the pun!

  2. Love the article! I think that the best advice in the whole thing is to stay active. I have a weekly routine that involves yoga, walking and strength training that i try to stick with.

    I don’t always stay on top of it perfectly, but I do my best, and I also try to eat right at least most of the time.

    I’m still on the hunt for that foundation though – can’t wait to try the Clinique product that you suggested! :)

  3. Jasbir Chadha says:

    Very informative write-up — takes up all the problems we come across
    as we grow older. Love the tips and suggestions .Thankyou.

    • Theresa says:

      Thank you Jasbir! I’m glad that you found the article useful. :)

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