Top 5 Factors That Make You Look Old

Steps You Can Take To Stay Young

Are you aging faster than you think you should be?

Have you noticed a considerable change in how you feel or look lately?

Does your body just not work as well as it once did?

If so, there may be something that you can do about it.

Aging is unavoidable but there are many things typically associated with getting older that are simply separate health issues that may be treatable.

Before you write off your memory or put an active sex life in your rearview mirror, read on.

Factor 1: Declining Immune System

Thought this was just a part of getting old? Think again. As a matter of fact, failure to take good care of your immune system results in most of your aging. When it’s rundown and overworked, it starts letting things such as colds and infections slip through. It also triggers inflammatory responses which can cause the cell mutations that cause cancer.

You can keep your immune system going strong and avoid such things as infections, chronic illnesses and cancer if you simply eat right, supplement as recommended by your doctor, and stay active.

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Factor 2: Environmental Toxins

Unfortunately, there are toxins all around us. They’re in the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and the things that we touch. We’ve already discussed that they’re even in the cosmetics that we willingly slather on. There’s no avoiding them – even if you live in a bubble, you’re going to be exposed to the toxins in the plastic.

These toxins can cause allergies, asthma, immune responses, and cancer. They can also affect you in ways that may not be so obvious. You may have headaches that you attribute to fatigue, extra wrinkles, dry skin, poor skin tone, acne, or just a general feeling of yuck.

Though there’s no way to totally avoid these toxins, there are things that you can do to minimize your exposure to some of them. Change your air filters in your house regularly, wash your produce before you eat it, buy organic meat, wash your hands often, and use products that are as free of chemicals as possible.

Factor 3: Glycosylation

”What the heck is glycosylation?” you’re probably asking. Sounds pretty freaky, and it is. It’s when excess sugar in your blood latches onto proteins, lipids and other organic molecules and mutates them. Sometimes this is necessary for cell function but unfortunately, most people eat way more sugar than is necessary.

When there’s too much sugar in the blood, excess glycosylation occurs and your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other age-related diseases increases exponentially.

This is one of the easiest problems to cure – slow down your sugar intake! That doesn’t mean switch to sugar substitutes which are possible toxins. It means have some veggies instead of that bag of chips or the donut that’s been calling your name. Better yet, get up and go for a walk when you get the munchies. You’ll feel better, look younger, and live longer.

Factor 4: Living Recklessly

While being a bit of a rebel may feel really good sometimes, it’s not the greatest idea in many areas of your life. Statistics show that healthy older adults tend to stay healthy but once you begin to experience health issues, it becomes an uphill battle to maintain your vitality.

In other words, once you break your hip, it’s harder to get back to being active and healthy. The same goes for suffering from just about any accident or illness. Once you stress your immune system, it’s much more difficult to recover and remain functional and healthy.

The cure for this one’s easy. Be a little more careful. Use a non-skid shower mat. Wear a helmet when you ride your bike. Use both hands when climbing a ladder and make sure that it’s secured. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. It’s the little precautions like these that seem simple but may keep you mobile and independent well into your 90’s.

Factor 5: Not Moving

This is perhaps the single largest culprit to premature aging. When you remain inactive, your muscles start to waste away and your body looks and feels old. You’re at a higher risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and all sorts of conditions that will take you from young and beautiful to old and wasted in no time flat.

This one’s easy as pie to fix. Just get up and do something, everyday! Walk the dog. Meet friends at the park for a stroll. Go to the gym. Play racquetball or tennis. Whatever your personal cup of tea happens to be, find a way to do it while you’re moving. You don’t have to run; research shows that walks combined with light weight training are sufficient to keep your bones and muscles in good condition. Now go!

There you have it – the 5 things that will make you old the fastest. You probably thought that I was going to say bad genes, sun damage, the wear and tear of living, or some other factor that you can’t do much about. Well now you know. There are MANY things that you can do to stay young looking and healthy. What are you waiting for?

If you know of other good ways to stay young and keep your body from aging, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below!

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