Exercises for Saggy Breasts

Firmer, Perkier Breasts Without Surgery!

exercise for saggy breasts

If you’ve noticed that your breasts have started to sag over the years, fear not because you can easily combat this sign of aging.

There are several exercises that only take a few minutes a day but can have spectacular results.

The idea behind these exercises is the fact that they are meant build the muscle underneath the breasts therefore causing them to sit more upright. If you can build up the underlying muscle, your breasts will have a more solid foundation on which to rest.

All of these exercises can be done at home using dumbbells or an exercise bar. Make sure that you have one that’s not too heavy, but that will still give you some resistance.

    Bench press
  1. Bench press: This can be done lying flat on your back on a bench. You’ll need a couple of dumbbells that are the right size and weight for your fitness level, or you can use a weight bar. There are three variations of the bench press that work different chest muscles. The first one is the bench press described below. We’ll discuss the other two variations next. Ready?

    1. Lie down flat on your back either on a weight bench or the floor.
    2. Position the dumbbells or bar directly over your nipple line. Your can manipulate your hand position either closer or further apart and work different muscles in your chest.
    3. Push straight up, taking a full count of 3 to get your arms straight.
    4. Hold for 1 second and then lower the dumbbells or bar slowly back to your chest, but don’t let them rest on your body.
    5. Repeat 15 times, and do 3 sets.

    Incline press
  2. Incline Press: This exercise is a variation of the bench press but instead of lying flat, you need to lie on a bench that is on an incline with your head higher than your knees. This exercise targets your upper chest muscles. If you’re using dumbbells, experiment with keeping them close together holding them at shoulder-width. You’ll find that you work different muscles when you change it up.

  3. Decline press
  4. Decline Press: Yet another variation of the bench press, this exercise is performed exactly the same except you lie on a bench with your head lower than your knees. It works your mid and lower chest muscles. Just like with the incline presses, try changing up your hand spacing in order to hit all of your chest muscles. Do one set with your hands close together, then do another with them farther apart.

  5. Pectoral fly
  6. Pectoral Flies: This is a great exercise that works well for your upper chest muscles and helps you build cleavage. You can do flies at the gym using a machine or by using your dumbbells at home. Either way works – just watch your form if you’re doing them at home. For the sake of these instructions, we’ll assume that you’re using dumbbells.

    1. Lie on your back on a bench or on your exercise ball. With a dumbbell in each hand and your arms spread out to the sides, lift the dumbbells so that they meet in the air above you. Keep your arms as straight as possible.
    2. Return your arms to the starting position.
    3. Repeat 15 times and do 3 sets.

Remember to eat a portion of quality protein just after you work out, along with some carbohydrates as well. This will help your body repair the muscles that you just worked so that they will become firmer and tighter faster. The best routine would be one that incorporates lifting weights with aerobic activity because this helps you build muscle and burn fat.

When you work on firming and toning your pectoral muscles, you’ll notice that those saggy breasts that have you so upset will start to appear perkier and firmer too! Break out the dumbbells and get to work!

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One Response to “Exercises for Saggy Breasts”
  1. brandysmom says:

    My trainer swears by these for all of his women and it’s sure worked for me. I’m not exactly in prime shape but I try to keep from getting too out there. I’m in the gym about 3 times per week and include these as part of my total body workout.

    I mean, you can’t totally beat gravity but these sure help me keep the ladies where they’re supposed to be, give or take!

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