Effects of Stress on Aging

stress and aging

We all lead busy lives. The modern woman is the ultimate multi-tasker. She balances a career, family, and friends along with an active social life that doesn’t only apply to her, but also her children and her husband. No wonder many of us treat a half an hour, by ourselves, in a bubble bath like a long sought after pot of gold. We are stressed out and we have no time, every minute of every day is planned.

As much as that may sound like a fulfilling life, days jam packed with activity and things to do, the truth is, the pace that we run at everyday is more than likely aging us before our time, prematurely lining our faces, thinning our skin and making us look much older than what we are.

Studies show that there is now conclusive evidence that links stress directly with aging. Research has shown that when a person is chronically stressed or when they leave no time for relaxation the edges of the genes inside their cells start to “whither” and shrivel. When this happens, deterioration of the body speeds up and life span is shortened.

Furthermore, as the internal workings of the cells shrivel and die, external features of the body are affected. For instance, muscles start to weaken, skin loses elasticity and firmness and wrinkles start to show. It’s not just that either. Studies show that hearing and vision is affected, organs are compromised and brain function is lessened.

However, getting rid of stress in your life is easier said than done.

It comes down to your ability to relate and deal with stress as well as how stressful you perceive your life to be. Many people can actually lead very stressful lives, but are not as affected by this because they keep difficulties in perspective, not allowing themselves to be tied into knots about things that they cannot control.

The moral of the story is that we all need to be able to identify stressors in our lives and learn how to better handle them. Even if it is taking a deep breath and thinking positive before starting an intense project or if it slotting aside some “me” time at the end of a day or first thing in the morning to clear your head and attain focus, make it a point to do something for you every day, your health and your body will thank you for it.

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