Arm Exercises for Women at Home

The look of toned, conditioned arms is something that most women want. After all, who wants to wear sleeves in summer and worry about whether your arms look like they could use their own anti-aging plan?

If you are dedicated to the idea of toning up and making your upper arms look younger, there is no need to run out and buy a pricey gym membership or invest in a lot of expensive weights or exercise systems. In fact, some of the best exercises you can do for this particular area of your body can be done in the privacy of your own home and in your spare time. The only investment you should consider making is in a set of free weights that weigh between three and five pounds.

First, start with bicep curls. Use your free weights and in a controlled way, lift each weight one at a time. When you lower the weight, control it. Lowering and controlling the weight is just as important as when you lift it. You should do this slowly, so the weight is spread evenly in each arm.

Next, put down the weights and try a tricep dip. This exercise is performed when you sit on a chair and place your two hands on either side of you. Push from the chair and dip your bottom towards the floor gently, then raise yourself up without sitting back on the chair. Repeat this motion and make sure the exercise stays controlled and at a slower pace.

Finally, the time has come for you to begin doing the old standby, the push up. If you are suddenly having flashbacks of gym class, do not worry, this is one of the best and fastest working exercises for a toned upper body. Your initial goal should be to do 10 to 20 pushups per day and once you feel that you can easily do that number, you should begin adding sets of 10 to continue toning muscles and building stamina and strength.

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