Anti-Aging Foods for Skin

You may think the only way that you can get better skin is by investing thousands of dollars in plastic surgery or hanging out in your local department store, waiting for the next skin care fad to make its way into your shopping bag.

However, you don’t need to do either of these things in order to get better skin.

The fact is, you can eat your way to better looking, healthy, beautiful skin.

First, start thinking about where you can get large amounts of Vitamin C. Two of the best fruits, that contain the highest levels of this vitamin, are Kiwi and Lemons. While Oranges are great, Kiwi and Lemon can help detox your system and support healthy kidneys and liver. When these two organs are functioning at the best level possible, your complexion will be much more clear. Vitamin C also helps fight off wrinkles and lines and aids in healthy cell regeneration.

Next, whip up some Asian food and slice into some ginger. This root can help get rid of excess water in your system that can lead to bloating and puffy eyes. In addition, ginger can also fight off excess redness in the skin.

Furthermore, while you are whipping up some Oriental, incorporate some buckwheat into the mix. Buckwheat is great for you and has the same effects as Botox sans the painful injections. Buckwheat boosts collagen production and increases elasticity in the skin.

Another great food is papaya. Whether you are eating it or drinking its juice, papaya helps give your skin a healthy glow, so healthy in fact that when ingested regularly, you will be able to skip the blush and the bronzer permanently.

Finally, find that oyster shucker you got for a wedding present and get your gloves on. Oysters won’t only spice up your love life, they also are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help the skin, nails, and hair follicles. In addition, oysters are rich in Zinc and this is one mineral that won’t only keep you beautiful, but it will also protect your health and promote immunity.

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