Neckline Slimmer Review: Neck Exerciser

Neckline Slimmer Kit

As we get older, one of the places that can really show our age is the neck and chin area. A reduction in firmness and tone often accompanies aging, and many people fail to care for the chin and neck as part of their anti-aging routine. Is the Neckline Slimmer a solution?

Product Claim

The Neckline Slimmer claims to firm and tone the neck, chin and face in just 2 minutes a day. The unit uses resistance to work muscles and comes with three different coils, each building up in resistance. The before and after pictures provided by the manufacturer are disappointing, with all of the models clearly tucking their chin in the “before” shot and then holding the head higher in the “after.”


With such shady marketing tactics, you have to wonder – is the Neckline Slimmer a worthwhile product? Surprisingly, the overwhelming answer is “yes” among customers who have purchased this product. Those who use this product as directed see exactly the results expected, such as reduced appearance of weight in the chin area, a disappearance of the dreaded double chin and a firming and toning in the neck area.

Not all of the customers using this product are using it strictly for anti-aging either. Some users who had suffered from having a weak chin their entire lives used this product to build definition and are happy with the results. Other customers are younger but lean towards having a heavy face. The Neckline Slimmer gave them enough of a reduction in facial padding for them to be satisfied as well.

The Neckline Slimmer doesn’t appear to actually reduce the weight in the area at all. So called “targeted weight loss” doesn’t actually work. What the Neckline Slimmer does in reality is improve the muscle mass in the neck. Bulking up those muscles provides lift and definition, and that definition gives the illusion of a slimmer, thinner face.

Happy customers emphasized the need to use the product as directed, no more or less. It’s also important to use this product with proper posture to see good results. Also, starting with the beginner’s coil and working up to the advanced is highly recommended. It is possible to experience a great deal of soreness if the instructions aren’t followed properly.

The Neckline Slimmer is a product that actually delivers on the promises it makes. A recommended purchase for both men and women.

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