SkinBright vs. Meladerm: Which is the Better Skin Lightener

Are you looking for a product that lightens your skin without causing irritation?

SkinBright and Meladerm ate two of the top products on the market today, but determining which one is best may be difficult.

Throughout the next few paragraphs, we’re going to take a look at them both and help you decide.

SkinBright and Meladerm are both topical skin lighteners designed to decrease or completely eliminate the appearance of age, liver, and sun spots, melesma and cloasma, freckles, acne marks, old scars, birthmarks and hyperpigmentation.

Both products have been successful in lightening overall skin tone, and both are made for use by people of all races.

What’s In Them?

SkinBright and Meladerm have similar features and ingredients. Both products use alpha arbutin, kojic acid and lemon juice extract, all of which are commonly used to lighten skin pigmentation. Neither product uses previously popular but extremely harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury, or paraben.

Which One Works Faster?

Both products require 2-3 months to show efficacy, with positive results in as little as one or two weeks. A full course of use does not extend beyond 6 months. Also, another great thing about both of these lighteners is that neither product is tested on animals.

Users rave about both SkinBright and Meladerm. Both products have been incredibly useful in lightening or eliminating unsightly and embarrassing discoloration which had made the lives of some users previously painful, depressing, and, in some cases, despondent.


Meladerm seems to be slightly less effective than SkinBright on lightening the effect of old but severe scaring. SkinBright seems to be more effective with the specifically epidermal pigmentation issues rather than with the full spectrum of hyper-pigmentation conditions.

Having been part of the recent pioneering effort to discover a safe, natural skin lightening product, Meladerm is certainly the leader in the industry at this point. Prior to its initial release in 2004, Meladerm underwent three years of extensive research.


Though both products are hypoallergenic, a very small percentage of the population can still have an allergic reaction to the product. As a matter of fact, this is about the only source of negative feedback for either product.

Both SkinBright and Meladerm oxidize when exposed to air and lose efficacy when exposed to light which explains why both products are packaged in air-tight dispensers. However, both products also lose efficacy when exposed to light, but only Meladerm comes in a light-proof container.

Final Word

SkinBright and Meladerm are both excellent, healthy products that reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, skin discoloration due to hyper-pigmentation. Barring a chance allergic reaction to one or the other, Meladerm seems to have a slight edge because of the light-proof packaging and the fact that their 30-day return guarantee doesn’t include a hidden re-stocking fee like SkinBright’s does.

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Perricone MD Cold Plasma Reviews: Face & Eye

Perricone MD Cold Plasma

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face and Cold Plasma eye creams are the latest offerings from Dr. Perricone’s line of facial products. Cold Plasma face promises to correct the 10 signs of aging, and the Cold Plasma eye cream claims to correct the 7 signs of aging in the eye area.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma creams contain a patented neuropeptide delivery system that took five years of research to perfect. Its main ingredients are Vitamin C, peptides, and DMAE. According to the official Dr. Perricone website, 79% of eye cream users claim that it works better than anything they’ve tried, and 88% noticed fine lines and wrinkles diminished. Of the face cream users, 79% said they preferred it over other brands, 94% were pleased with overall results, and 85% saw immediate results.

Independent reviews of the products were a little more mixed. Of 60 reviews gathered from independent websites, 36 were favorable, and 24 were unfavorable. Of the 36 favorable reviews, most claimed to notice results within the first few days. They reported smoother skin, brighter skin tone, and diminished appearance of wrinkles. All of the satisfied customers said that they would purchase the product again and/or recommend it to friends, although some of them said that the price was a little too high ($150.00 per ounce).

Of the unfavorable reviews, the biggest complaint seemed to be about the scent of the product, which most said smelled fishy. Almost all disapproved of the excessive packaging. Almost all reviews (both favorable and unfavorable) felt that the jar should have had a seal, because some of the product leaked out during shipping. A few people complained of skin irritation, breakouts, and rashes although in fairness to the product, it does recommend doing a patch test before use. The unsatisfied users almost unanimously agreed, that the product either showed no improvement in their skin or not enough to justify the high price tag.

Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma products promise to reduce the signs of aging on the face and around the eyes. The maker claims that 79% of people preferred it to any other product they’ve tried. While independent reviews showed favorable results not quite so high, overall most people were pleased with the results. In conclusion, for those willing to pay the price, Perricone’s Cold Plasma products are definitely worth a try.

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Thermage Effectiveness: Does It Work?

thermage effectiveness

Thermage is a fascinating new technology that is capable of allowing a patient to tighten the skin in their face, stomach, or elsewhere using radio waves. The power of such a technology is fascinating, but the claims sound bizarre enough that it is natural for people to question whether or not something like it could actually work.

In order to address this skepticism, it is helpful to understand how the technology actually works before discussing the results of the procedure. During the procedure, which takes roughly an hour, energy from radio waves is used to heat up the collagen in the skin. Collagen is the natural substance in the body that promotes healthy skin, giving in structure and preventing it from sagging and wrinkling. The benefits of collagen are the reason that people receive collagen injections. Each radio wave pulse cools the outer layer of the skin while warming the collagen beneath it. This causes the collagen to tighten up.

The results of the treatment are oftentimes visible immediately after the procedure is carried out. As a matter of fact, some of the women who received thermage treatment on their love handles lost about an inch and a half off of their abdomen immediately after going through one treatment. This skin is slightly tightened immediately after the procedure, and the skin continues to tighten for several months afterward. The full effect is not reached until after about six months. The procedure also causes the body to react by producing more collagen, which promotes healthier skin for extended periods of time.

Those who undergo the procedure typically describe it as feeling like a mild pinch. To help counteract the discomfort, anesthetic ointment is often applied before the procedure begins.

Thermage won’t work for everybody. It is most effective for people who require a tightening of about two millimeters. This is in contrast to a brow lift, which tightens the skin by more than a centimeter. Those with flabby areas on their body are also likely to benefit.

Side effects with thermage are rare, even in comparison to plastic surgery alternatives, which are already quite rare. Nevertheless, the side effects of the heating process can include blisters, bumps, swelling, redness, dimpling, and peeling. In most cases, if one of these side effects occurs it usually heals within a period lasting a couple days or a few weeks.

In conclusion, Thermage works, but it may not be enough to achieve the results you are looking for in some cases.

L’Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye Review

Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, L’Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye is a total eye correction system that helps moisturize and enrich the delicate under eye skin.

This product helps delay the aging process by minimizing under eye dryness and discoloration including shadows, dark circles and wrinkles associated with crow’s feet by nourishing the under eye skin.

Using 2 easy steps, the battery-powered eye correction system, enriched with Erasyl™, gently pulses away puffiness, wrinkles, bags and dark circles.

Step 1 is the application of the anti-wrinkle and dark circle cream enriched with Erasyl™.

Step 2 is the micro-pulse massage of the anti-aging cream.

Customer feedback has proven the effectiveness and practicality of L’Oreal’s Collagen Micro-Pulse eye correction system. In just 4 weeks, dark eye circles and wrinkles appear visibly smaller and less noticeable. The micro-pulse metal ball vibrates as it both cools and massages the eye area with collagen thereby reducing eye puffiness.

Revitalizing the eye area gives the face a look of rejuvenation and youthfulness. The ingenious tube packaging makes it not only easy for application, but the perfect means for travel. Heavy application of the anti-aging cream is not necessary, apply sparingly, and then watch as your skin drinks it in. You can feel the difference immediately, and feel better for it. This product is less costly and a practical alternative to plastic surgery or injections, such as Botox.

If you desire powerful results for your under eye area, this is the eye correction system for you. Clinical tests have proven time and again that in as little as 4 weeks, there are visible signs of diminished under eye discoloration, a reduction in puffiness, and minimized wrinkles in the delicate skin under your eyes.

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Restylane Injections for Facial Wrinkles

Restylane Injections

No woman likes to get older and especially to show visible signs of aging like facial wrinkles. If there is an affordable and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, most women will take advantage of it.

Today, there is such an option. For smoothing wrinkles, particularly those around the nose and mouth, many women are choosing Restylane injections. Restylane is one of the newer injection fillers and it has proven to have results that can last six months, and in some cases, as long as a year with only one treatment.

Restylane also has an advantage over some other popular injections in that it contains no animal ingredients and is all-natural. It is a clear gel, which uses hyaluronic acid as its basis. This is a substance of connective tissue that is made naturally in the body. It adds curves to the face, fills in depressions, smooth wrinkles in the face, and helps to shape the lips.

Restylane is used normally for patients who are between 35 and 60 and injections are given by a doctor under local anesthesia. The filler is injected beneath the skin at points determined by the doctor. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid that is in the filler sticks to the skin and the acid works like a magnet to make the water preserve the newly attained volume of the skin.

The treatment can take just a few minutes or up to 30 minutes, depending on how many areas are being treated. The results of a Restylane injection can be seen fully within week after treatment. The success rate of Restylane injections is very high, especially for deep wrinkles. Sixty-three percent of women who have these injections are happy with their results.

Botox, unlike Restylane that contains no animal products, is a purified protein that comes from a toxin that causes food poisoning. Since wrinkles are the result of using the facial muscles, Botox is injected directly into the muscles, inactivating the ones that cause wrinkles. Botox is used more for frown lines in the forehead and for crow’s feet, rather than the wrinkles around the nose and mouth.

Botox treatments last from 3 to 6 months, whereas the wrinkle smoothing affects of Restylane can last as long as a year. Restylane and Botox have different applications and each is meant for a different type of wrinkling in different locations on the face.

Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Review: Age Defense Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a product that will protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays and moisturize your skin at the same time, look no further than Clinique Superdefense SPF 25. Although every woman knows they should put on protective sunscreen before stepping outside, sometimes sunblock can feel greasy, leave an oily residue, or clog pours. Not so with Clinique Superdefense- the product is light enough to use as a daily moisturizer and strong enough to prevent skin damage from the sun. Overall, it has received glowing reviews.

The product is designed as a daily moisturizer that fights visible signs of aging and stress, such as wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Clinique claims that the SPF 25 neutralizes UVA rays, so you can have fun in the sun without worrying about damaging your complexion.

Clinque Superdefense SPF 25 comes in a cute, palm-sized pot, and is small enough to fit in your purse. A tiny 1.7 oz jar costs around $40, but this is to be expected with a high-end brand like Clinique. Although the moisturizer is a little expensive, you only need a small dot of product to cover your entire face, so a little goes a long way. The cream-based product, unlike most moisturizers, isn’t heavy or oily. Because it isn’t greasy, you can use it as a base for your foundation or pressed power. It’s always nice to have a product that you can integrate into your normal make-up routine without worrying about clogging your pores. Granted, Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 is not for everyone; this fragrance-free daily moisturizer smells slightly of sunscreen and might not be attractive to women who prefer scented products. Also, in rare cases some women who are highly sensitive or are prone to break-outs might find that the moisturizer could irritate their skin. As with any cream moisturizer, you should always wash your face before going to bed; you don’t want to leave residue sitting on your skin overnight.

Overall, Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 is a dream come true for women who need their daily moisturizer to do double duty; it not only offers oil-free moisturization, but it also provides SPF protection from the sun. The sun’s harmful rays can do serious damage to your skin, which can result in extra wrinkles, bigger pores, and uneven skin tone. Although the product is one of the pricier moisturizers on the market, many women claim that Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 is the best daily moisturizer out there.

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Melasma Treatments: Creams vs Chemical Peels

As skin ages, discoloration such as melasma is more likely to occur as skin has been exposed to one of a number of causes.

Melasma is a condition that causes discolored spots to appear on the faces of women during reproductive ages. This condition is caused by factors such as hormonal changes, sun exposure or the use of birth control pills. These spots may be tan, blue or other colors and often require treatments to remove them. Treating melasma is often accomplished by the use of creams or chemical peels, both of which can be effective.

Creams used to treat melasma often contain a number of ingredients such as hydroquinone that helps to bleach the skin. These creams may be found over the counter or by prescription. These creams vary in price, with some being very affordable while others may cost hundreds of dollars. Because creams can be obtained over the counter they are easier to use to begin treating melasma conditions without the need for a doctor visit.

Two of the most popular creams for treating melasma include Meladerm and SkinBright. Both have gotten positive reviews from melasma sufferers. Please note: Bleaching creams, whether prescription or over the counter do have potential side effects that can be bothersome or irritate the skin. These side effects may include redness, peeling or swelling with long term use. Therefore, it is important to follow the directions specified by the manufacturer closely.

Chemical peels are performed by a licensed professional or physician. These peels use different types of chemicals that can remove not only age spots, melasma spots but also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Because of this, many may find that chemical peels have a distinct advantage over creams as it treats more than one skin condition.

There are two main types of peels – light and deep. A light peel can be quickly performed, such as on a lunch break at a spa, while a deep peel takes longer. There is no recovery period after a light peel but deep peels do have a recovery time as the peel penetrates deeper.

The cost of chemical peels can also be a limiting factor for some. Often peels must be done at least once per month in order to achieve lasting results but may also need to be maintained. Lighter peels may require more sessions of treatment before results may be noticed.

Facial Magic Review: Does It Work?

For the woman who is looking for a way to reduce the signs of aging in her face, who wants to avoid surgery and reduce her reliance on cosmetics, it is very appealing to think of exercise as a way back to a more youthful, healthy-looking appearance.

The Cynthia Rowland Facial Magic System is a modern rethinking of the ancient Chinese practice of facial exercises. The theory is – the muscles of the face respond to exercise by becoming more toned and filling out the skin, whether of the face or the upper arms. Long before plastic surgery and Botox, women from every continent were improving their looks (and their outlooks) with some form of facial exercise, with great satisfaction.

Facial Magic includes more than the program’s basic exercises, which are available on Rowland’s DVD – a nine-week program which introduces 18 exercises at a rate of two weekly. FM also includes products for cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin. In addition, the Facial Magic system offers a manually operated suction device that fits over the lips and ‘plumps’ them up, reducing the appearance of fine lines that come with aging. The effect, although not long-lasting (half a day at the most) dramatically increases fullness in both lips. Facial Magic also calls for the rather dainty use of white cotton gloves to avoid touching the face directly with the fingertips.

Users of the Facial Magic system, and of every form of facial exercise out there, are universally ecstatic about the results. Facial exercises are among the most effective exercises available, and the results are immediately noticeable. Facial Magic users report being taken for ten to twenty years younger than their actual age. One woman, 67, heard, in her retirement interview, that she didn’t look more than 50. Another woman, 54, routinely dates men 10 to 15 years younger, who believe she’s younger than they are. Many users of Facial Magic have been using the system for years, looking younger now than when they started. Some users were turned down flat by cosmetic surgeons who refused to work on them because they were ‘too young’ or their skin was ‘too well-toned,’ even when the women’s true age was revealed. Cosmetic surgery is not needed by anyone who practices facial exercises.

Diligence and knowing how to exercise effectively is important. The Facial Magic system offers very specific, detailed instruction, support, and an integrated product line.

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Leg & Spider Vein Treatment with Coolglide Lasers

Coolglide Laser Treatment

Leg and spider vein treatment with CoolGlide lasers can dramatically change the appearance of your legs. Thanks to the latest in vein treatment technology, those who have been afflicted with varicose veins are finding that they can wear shorts and skirts without feeling self-conscious.

Reported Results from CoolGlide Laser Treatments

CoolGlide Laser treatments for the legs use an energy pulse to collapse spider veins. The results on patients are remarkable. In fact, there are only a few cases where other options for removal are indicated (such as severely knotted veins). CoolGlide lasers work on any skin tone and are the top choice of many doctors when it comes to treatments for spider veins. Your legs may be free from spider veins with just one or two treatments using CoolGlide lasers.

Possible Side-Effects from CoolGlide Lasers

Though there are concerns with using CoolGlide treatments on people with certain health conditions, your doctor will consider your health history and present state of health before performing laser treatments on your leg veins. Unlike more invasive forms of treatment for varicose veins, CoolGlide lasers do not require injections. Vein treatment with CoolGlide Lasers is more uncomfortable than painful and when the treatment is finished, you should not feel pain. Your legs may swell and be red for a day or so after being treated, but it rarely lasts for more than 24 hours. The removal of larger veins can cause a brown pigmentation that may last for a few to several weeks. Other more rare side-effects include bruising and blistering. The specialist may recommend using support hose for a specified period in order to avoid any difficulties.

Cost of CoolGlide Laser Treatments for Leg Veins

The cost of CoolGlide Laser treatments for veins in the legs averages about $200 for the initial treatment, but may be less for follow-up treatments. Most find they only need one or two treatments to get rid of their spider veins, but the number of treatments that are needed will depend on the size and amount of veins to be removed.

If you or someone close to you has trouble with veins in the legs, but has been putting off treatment because of possible side-effects of vein removal, leg and spider vein treatment with CoolGlide lasers may be the solution for which you have been searching.

Aveeno Elasticity Recharging System Review

Elasticity Recharging System

With increased exposure to sun and the passage of time, our skin begins to change its appearance. The texture of the skin changes, wrinkles start showing up around the eyes and mouth, age spots appear, and the skin begins to sag. The Aveeno Elasticity Recharging System was designed to help reduce these problems. Aveeno claims that 100% of the women who tried their Elasticity Recharging System noticed positive results after four weeks.

The Aveeno Elasticity Recharging System consists of a bio-mineral concentrate and a moisturizer prepared with blackberry leave extract and dill. The concentrate is place on the trouble areas on the face and the moisturizer is massaged onto the face and the neck like a normal moisturizer. The combination of this two-step process causes the concentrate to react with the moisturizer and help increase the elastin in your skin, thus increasing a more youthful appearance. Elastin is the protein in the skin that allows it to flex and return back to its normal state, with time and sun exposure elastin breaks down and does not always “snap back”.

Many women, of all ages, have tried this product and it has gotten rave reviews. All see positive results after four weeks, while a few begin noticing changes in their skins appearance after only one week. Wrinkles are less noticeable, healthy glow to their skin, and some have even noticed the skin along their jaw line firming. Women with extremely sensitive skin and dry skin all seem to be able to use the Aveeno Elasticity Recharging System and get positive results. There have been women who claim not to have seen any changes in appearance, but upon further research, those that claimed no changes did not complete the minimum four week regimen.

Since the Aveeno Elasticity Recharging System has received so many positive reviews, this product is highly recommended. After four short weeks all the women noticed a glow to their skin, reduced signs of wrinkles, and firmer skin. This product is a must buy for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their wrinkles, firm up and restore the texture of their skin.

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