Exercises for Saggy Breasts

Firmer, Perkier Breasts Without Surgery!

exercise for saggy breasts

If you’ve noticed that your breasts have started to sag over the years, fear not because you can easily combat this sign of aging.

There are several exercises that only take a few minutes a day but can have spectacular results.

The idea behind these exercises is the fact that they are meant build the muscle underneath the breasts therefore causing them to sit more upright. If you can build up the underlying muscle, your breasts will have a more solid foundation on which to rest.

All of these exercises can be done at home using dumbbells or an exercise bar. Make sure that you have one that’s not too heavy, but that will still give you some resistance.

    Bench press
  1. Bench press: This can be done lying flat on your back on a bench. You’ll need a couple of dumbbells that are the right size and weight for your fitness level, or you can use a weight bar. There are three variations of the bench press that work different chest muscles. The first one is the bench press described below. We’ll discuss the other two variations next. Ready?

    1. Lie down flat on your back either on a weight bench or the floor.
    2. Position the dumbbells or bar directly over your nipple line. Your can manipulate your hand position either closer or further apart and work different muscles in your chest.
    3. Push straight up, taking a full count of 3 to get your arms straight.
    4. Hold for 1 second and then lower the dumbbells or bar slowly back to your chest, but don’t let them rest on your body.
    5. Repeat 15 times, and do 3 sets.

    Incline press
  2. Incline Press: This exercise is a variation of the bench press but instead of lying flat, you need to lie on a bench that is on an incline with your head higher than your knees. This exercise targets your upper chest muscles. If you’re using dumbbells, experiment with keeping them close together holding them at shoulder-width. You’ll find that you work different muscles when you change it up.

  3. Decline press
  4. Decline Press: Yet another variation of the bench press, this exercise is performed exactly the same except you lie on a bench with your head lower than your knees. It works your mid and lower chest muscles. Just like with the incline presses, try changing up your hand spacing in order to hit all of your chest muscles. Do one set with your hands close together, then do another with them farther apart.

  5. Pectoral fly
  6. Pectoral Flies: This is a great exercise that works well for your upper chest muscles and helps you build cleavage. You can do flies at the gym using a machine or by using your dumbbells at home. Either way works – just watch your form if you’re doing them at home. For the sake of these instructions, we’ll assume that you’re using dumbbells.

    1. Lie on your back on a bench or on your exercise ball. With a dumbbell in each hand and your arms spread out to the sides, lift the dumbbells so that they meet in the air above you. Keep your arms as straight as possible.
    2. Return your arms to the starting position.
    3. Repeat 15 times and do 3 sets.

Remember to eat a portion of quality protein just after you work out, along with some carbohydrates as well. This will help your body repair the muscles that you just worked so that they will become firmer and tighter faster. The best routine would be one that incorporates lifting weights with aerobic activity because this helps you build muscle and burn fat.

When you work on firming and toning your pectoral muscles, you’ll notice that those saggy breasts that have you so upset will start to appear perkier and firmer too! Break out the dumbbells and get to work!

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Korres Materia Herba Review: Night Cream & Eye Cream

Korres Materia Herba Cream

The Korres Materia Herba line is formulated for clinically proven and maximum anti-aging results. The Night Cream is specially formulated for skin that is beginning to lose its radiance and firmness, while the Eye Cream addresses dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes.

Korres Materia Herba Night Cream includes organic ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil along with other nut and seed oils, and ginseng. These ingredients have a hydrating and replenishing effect on the skin. This cream also contains ginger extract, which aids in proper circulation to prevent inflammation and keep the skin functioning optimally.

Korres Materia Herba Eye Cream also uses shea butter and jojoba oil for moisturizing, in addition to green algae to reduce eye puffiness and Alpine herbs from Switzerland to help build collagen and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Customers in general appreciate both of these creams for the way they feel and the great moisturizing effects they have. Most users are happy with the products but their experiences with these products should caution the consumer to have realistic expectations and not to think miracles are going to happen by applying these creams. Customers have reported to us that the eye cream does indeed help dark circles. Some customers indicate that if your cosmetic skin problems are very slight, it can help improve the way the area looks. Most of the people who saw improvement in the skin around their eyes using Korres Materia Herba Creams were in the 25-34 age range, and some in the 35-44 age range. Based on the age range of people who reported positive results, it seems that it’s best if the person applying the creams still has relatively young and resilient skin.

Korres Materia Herba Night and Eye Creams can help restore a youthful glow to facial skin and skin around the eyes that is beginning to show its age, providing nourishment and moisture to these areas. These creams are well-liked by customers for the effective skin hydration they experience, but these creams are best used to address superficial concerns of aging skin instead of deep or mature wrinkles. Both Korres Materia Herba Night Cream and Eye Cream are highly recommended for women who need to moisturize their skin and keep it looking young and healthy.

Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

moisturizer for oily skin

As summer comes, many people with oily skin are constantly struggling between controlling facial oil and keeping the skin moisturized under the harsh treatment of some of the skin care products that claim to help eliminate excessive facial oil.

A good moisturizer for oily skin will not leave the skin shiny and greasy. Avoid moisturizer that feels heavy on hand and apply only pea-size every time. The function of a moisturizer is to prevent the dehydration of skin as water will constantly evaporate through the pores, particularly under the blazing summer sun. Note that it is the water content, not the oil, that will evaporate.

A lot of people with oily skins are prone to acne, and a suitable moisturizer can help prevent or treat this problem. The moisturizer will form a protective barrier on the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Since most acne treatment will dry out the area so much that the skin starts peeling off or flaking, a moisturizer is crucial to restore the health of the skin and to prevent further damage.

For an oil-free moisturizer, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel may be a good choice. This dermatologist tested moisturizer can not only provide hydration to the skin, but it can also balance the oil secretion in the T-zone area on the face. It can help smoothen, soften, and comfort the oily skin.

For people who are looking for all-natural ingredients, the Normalizing Day Oil produced by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a good option. This moisturizer comes in the form of light oil; however, it is quickly absorbed by skin and will not leave any residue. It is made with plant ingredients such as flowers, herbs, and seeds that are high in carotene, flavonoids, mucilage, saponins, tannins, and other essential oils. This product helps prevent excessive oil production on the skin, while it reduces redness with its natural antioxidants.

Lush’s Vanishing Cream Moisturizer performs its function dutifully while leaving a decadent smell on the skin. Made with honey, lavender, rose water, and an alternative for rich coca butter, shea, this product moisturizes the skin with plenty of natural nutrients. Apply this product after washing the oily skin and it can prevent over-production of oil.

L’Oreal Anti-Aging Lipstick Review

L’Oreal has recently launched its Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick. This product, with 16 different shades, boasts to give not only a luscious color, but also other effects that will enhance your lips.

The anti-aging serum in the lipstick is comprised of collagen, ProXalyne, and other ingredients that can slow down the aging process of the lips. In addition to the anti-aging effect, this product helps improve definition of the lips, fills lines, and help create fuller looking lips.

Most customers have given us extremely positive reviews of L’Oreal Anti-Aging Lipstick. Many state that the lipstick gives a matte instead of shiny color. Depending on personal preference, some may prefer to add a tint of lip gloss after applying the Loreal lipstick. Many customers have said that this product is more nourishing and moisturizing, comparing to the lipsticks they have used before. The application of this lipstick is extremely smooth and it helps prevent chapped lips.

Unlike other lipsticks, the L’Oreal Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick feels more natural and is suitable for summer. Among all the different shades, Real Red seems to be the most popular and a lot of customers would like to recommend this to their friends. Another popular color is Compelling Coral

L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick claims to smooth surface lines and help define a fuller lips. Almost all customers are satisfied with this product as the lipstick is very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. This anti-aging lipstick is highly recommended.

Can Sunscreen Cause Skin Cancer?

sunscreen skin cancer

For years, sunscreen has been recommended by dermatologists to prevent skin aging and skin cancer. However, a recent evaluation of sunscreens brings disturbing news: a large number of sunscreens may actually increase the rate of development of skin cancer.

Many sunscreen formulas contain the antioxidant vitamin A or its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate, because it slows skin aging. However, vitamin A can in fact speed up the rate at which cancerous lesions and tumors develop on skin exposed to sunlight. While preparing its yearly sunscreen report, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found the results of a ten-year-old FDA study on sunscreens containing vitamin A. The study found that lab animals coated with creams containing vitamin A developed skin tumors and lesions up to 20% faster than animals coated with other creams.

The EWG analysis of the study was released last fall by the National Toxicology Program and the FDA. Many in the EWG could not understand why the FDA had not warned the public of the increased cancer risk associated with vitamin A containing sunscreens after the initial study ten years ago.

The EWG sunscreen report also found that the high SPF rating of many products to be misleading. A large number of sunscreens claim to have SPFs of 30, 45, 75 or even higher. However, according to the report, such high ratings give users of sunscreen a false sense of security. Users typically apply a quarter or less of the recommended product amount, do not reapply, and stay out in the sun longer than they would otherwise, thinking they are well protected. Yet used in such a way, a sunscreen product rated SPF 100 may in reality offer a protection of SPF 3.2, an SPF 30 may perform like a 2.3, and an SPF 15 may equal a 2. Thus, the common misuse of supposedly high SPF sunscreens can lead to a further risk of skin cancer and other skin damage.

Despite these findings, the sunscreen report stated that an effective sunscreen used properly protects from more damage than it can potentially cause. However, the public should know the truth about the skin cancer risk associated with vitamin A-containing sunscreens. They should also be aware of the potential misuse of sunscreens with high SPF ratings. Only then can they choose and use their sunscreen products wisely, effectively protecting themselves from skin cancer.

Aveeno Ageless Vitality Reviews

Aveeno Ageless Vitality

The complete Aveeno Ageless Vitality regimen includes a SPF 30 moisturizing day cream, night cream, and eye cream. These products help improve skin elasticity and recreate the refreshing look of youthful skin.

Aveeno states that the Ageless Vitality day cream can improve firmness and jawline contour, while reducing wrinkles and diminishing age spots. The night cream, on the other hand, can reduce uneven pigmentation in four weeks and reduce overall sun damage and fine lines in two weeks. Since aging always affects the most sensitive area on the face–eyes, Aveeno Ageless Vitality eye cream aims to reduce under-eye circles and crow feet, and at the same time diminish puffiness and sagging around the eyes.

Many customers have given positive feedback on the Aveeno Ageless Vitality products. A lot of customers complimented on the texture of the products, saying that the cream goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Despite the fact that the products are very moisturizing, they are not greasy and have a very pleasant scent.

Some customers stated that they have seen results on their foreheads and around their eyes after using the products for only one week: the fine lines diminished and the eye bags were tightened. Another customer told us that the liens around her nose and the corner of her mouth began to disappear after four weeks.

Aveeno Ageless Vitality products are suitable for oily and sensitive skin, as testified by several customers who are very satisfied with their purchase. Many have said that they would be willing to pay a lot more for these anti-aging skin care products, so the price of the Aveeno regimen is therefore a steal considering the effects it has on the skin. Other than a few complaints about the strong fragrance, almost no customers have any negative feedback towards the Aveeno Ageless Vitality regimen.

Aveeno Ageless Vitality regimen help reverse the damage done to aging skin and help restore skin elasticity, reduce lines, and diminish age spots. Made with natural ingredients, this regimen aims to help customers regain the youthfulness of their skin. Most customers who have tried the product have given a lot of positive comments. We highly recommend this regimen if you are looking for an affordable and effective solution.

Idebenone Benefits and Side Effects for Anti-Aging

Idebenone is an experimental anti-aging drug intended to fight the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders involving the deterioration of mental capacity. It is also being investigated for uses against neuromuscular disorders.

It has been shown to enhance memory and learning in mice, and there has been some evidence indicative that it may have the same effect on humans. There is not yet any conclusive hard evidence on the subject.

In a one year test on people suffering from Friedreich’s ataxia, a disease which deteriorates the nervous system and leads to heart problems, idebenone was shown to lower the rate of deterioration of heart function. In another experiment, it was also shown to have a positive effect on neurological function, but only in younger patients.

Idebenone has been shown to protect cells from oxidation, to help prevent sunburn cells from growing, and to fight wrinkles. It is a synthetic version of coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that helps power plants inside each cell of your body from deteriorating with old age. This helps to keep the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles from deteriorating with old age, since these are the types of cells whose power plants wear down the most over time. The idea is that it should do the same for skin cells.

Unlike its natural analogue, idebenone has the property of continuing to work well in the body’s biochemistry when oxygen is low, helping to protect cell damage that would otherwise occur as a result of low blood oxygen. It can also help with serotonin production, which helps to fight clinical depression.

Idebenone appears to be safe for most people, although at this time it may not be safe if you are pregnant or breast feeding. It can also lead to dizziness, causing you to feel off balance, headaches, general uneasiness, disturbance of your sleep patterns, and gastrointestinal problems.

Whether or not you choose to use idebenone is up to you. While there as been quite a bit of evidence regarding its antioxidant effects, the direct evidence of its beneficial effects for uses other than the treatment of Alzheimer’s is still preliminary, and how it compares to other, similar drugs is yet to be determined. If you are a naturalist, idebenone should be avoided, as it is synthetic in nature. If you don’t want to spend your money on something unless the evidence behind it overpowering, it would be wise to hold off until more trials are conducted. But if you are interested in trying something relatively new to see how it works for you, idebenone may be the right choice.

Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care Reviews

Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care

Skin care products with antioxidants are designed to protect the skin from the ravaging effects of everyday life.

Intelligent Nutrients specializes in organic skin care products and their anti-aging product line is rich in antioxidants, which nourish the skin and help healthy cells regenerate, to prevent and reverse signs of aging.

Sun, wind and environmental pollutants can all speed the aging process, causing adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, age spots and under-eye circles.

Natural health advocate Dr. Andrew Weil, MD has stated that “antioxidants such as vitamins C and E have been linked with an improved appearance of the skin, not to mention beneficial effects on the body.”

With that in mind, we look at the Intelligent Nutrients skin care line:

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Cleanser

This cleansing formula is gentle enough to use twice a day and serves to purify skin and nourish cells at the surface. It can be used as a shaving cream and is completely chemical free. In fact, it’s made of organic food ingredients that make it even edible. This cleanser is designed for all skin types.

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist

The anti-aging mist is a revolutionary product. Not many skin care lines include a mist, but the refreshing spritz provides comfort and nutrients at any time of day. It can be used after shaving, to sooth and protect the skin. This product is purse-sized and designed to be carried with you and used throughout the day. Like all Intelligent Nutrients anti-aging products, it’s free from synthetic chemicals.

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum

Designed to work synergistically with their Anti-Aging Mist, this product is super-concentrated. 1-2 pumps is enough for your face, neck and decollete. The product increases the skin’s luminosity and texture, correcting signs of aging by bringing nutrients deep into the skin’s layers. Designed to be used up to twice a day, following the cleanser, it’s completely free of synthetic perfumes.

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight daily moisturizer hydrates and balances skin moisture, providing non toxic, food-based nutrients and antioxidants. Skin is left soft and smooth, organic ingredients protect skin cells from inflammation and free radicals that can cause fine lines and redness.

Best Organic Eye Creams for Anti-Aging

organic eye cream

As the most fragile organ of the human body, it is no wonder that aging affects the region surrounding the eyes so harshly.

With so many different products promising the same results, it is hard to determine which to purchase. However, just by deciding to go organic and avoid potentially harmful chemicals, you are already one step in the right direction. Another thing to look for are ophthalmologists-tested eye creams, as this generally means that the product is safe to use around your eyes.

The best organic eye creams should make your skin firm, hydrated, and bright. The four eye creams below stand out from the multitudes. They use all natural, organic ingredients that promise to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hydrate the skin around the eyes.

  • Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream is an aloe vera based cream; however, it also contains many other interesting ingredients such as wild rose buds, linden blossoms, and green tea extracts. This eye cream is so natural that the Dr. Alkaitis brand brags that it is safe enough to eat.

  • Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream is perfect for all skin types and is scent-free. This eye cream utilizes rose water and other botanical extracts to reduce the appearance of aging and to stop signs of aging before they happen. This fast absorbing formula is ideal to apply underneath makeup. The rose water firms and tones the sensitive skin in the eye region while the pineapple extract found in this formula erases signs of aging.

  • Wild Rose Intensive Eye Cream is suited for weary and baggy eyes. This formula puts life back into the skin around the eyes and tightens the area. Rosehip seed oil, essential antioxidants, and fatty acids revive the eye zone to take years off your overall appearance.

  • Pangea Organics Eye Cream uses necessary vitamins, antioxidants, cell regenerators, and anti-inflammatories not to just reduce the effects of age, but also to protect from further damage. This eye cream provides UV ray protection. A concentration of two thousand Turkish rose petals is promised in every drop of this formula.

Revlon Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm Review

Revlon Age Defying Makeup

With the wealth of anti-aging products vying for customers’ attention, it’s surprising that so few cosmetics companies have thought to put it all together in one sleek red-capped bottle. Revlon has done just that with its Age Defying Makeup. This medium-coverage foundation goes on smoothly — no primer required. Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in the product allows it to double as sunscreen as well.

Age Defying Makeup also contains the mysterious “Botafirm,” a patented blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and hexapeptides. While the name may sound like a whimsical marketing creation, there’s nothing fanciful about the promising studies of the effects of antioxidants and hexapeptides on fine lines. According to Revlon’s website, an impressive 95 percent of users saw “an instant reduction in the appearance of expression lines.” As the Botafirm smooths pre-existing fine lines, the SPF 20 sunscreen helps prevent future ones from forming.

Both the normal/combination and dry skin formulas are available in a dozen shades. The range of colors tends toward lighter hues; those with the deepest skin tones may not find their ideal shade, but the available colors are quite natural for those who happen to fall within the line’s complexion range. Both the normal/combination and the dry skin formulas feel creamy and have a light, pleasant scent. This is one of the more easily blendable foundations available; it seems to melt into skin, yet doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Once it’s on, the product has a silky finish like radiantly healthy skin rather than a more aging matte look. It contains no noticeable shimmer, a major bonus for anyone who prefers that her personality sparkle more than her face. One potential drawback to Age Defying Makeup is that it isn’t the most long-wearing foundation available and may need a touch-up toward the end of the day. Given all the other things it does so well, though, a little touching up is a small price to pay.

Speaking of paying prices, this foundation is a bargain. Most products with the look, feel, and performance of Age Defying Makeup are only available at cosmetics counters. The Botafirm and the sunscreen make it effective; the blendable texture and natural look make it wearable. Revlon’s found a way to combine form and function at a very reasonable cost. This one is well worth a try for anyone who wants a single product that can do it all.