Make Your Own Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub

This week’s video features Kandee Johnson and her “how to” on making a Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub, that she claims “will change the life of your skin.” Kandee is a professional make-up artist and according to her, this scrub can help with age spots, freckles, sun spots, acne, blackheads and dull looking skin.

The science behind this technique is the result of two compounds in lemons. First, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) works to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off any dead cells. By removing the dead skin cells you make more room for regrowth of new skin. Beta hydroxy acid is used in many skin creams known to improve wrinkles, smoothness, and discoloration.

Next, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) goes to work improving your skin by hydrating, preventing clogged pores and enhancing cell renewal through exfoliation. AHA’s help you look younger, increase the production of collagen, and improve your overall skin texture, leaving you with a glowing and beautiful complexion.

The sugar, of course, provides the exfoliating texture that gently loosens and removes the grime and dead cells from the surface of your skin.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Organic lemons (or organic lemon juice)
  • Organic sugar
  • Cotton balls, Cotton rounds or Clean washcloth

9 Responses to “Make Your Own Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub”
  1. raj says:

    trying it out…hav seen marked difference. but how long wil it take before my acne marks are completely gone?

  2. carolina says:

    I really like this scrub. I tried it today and my face has been so soft and clean that I didnt even bother on putting some make on hehe! I loved the video. <3

    • TheresaTheresa says:

      Awesome Carolina! Glad you liked it and thanks for letting us know how it worked for you!

  3. Kaity says:

    Absolutely perfect! I can’t stop touching my face. It’s so soofft!

  4. Domi says:

    I saw this on Pinterest and I just knew it was Kandee. I love her!

    • TheresaTheresa says:

      Yeah, she does a great job, especially with this video!

  5. racquel says:

    How often do I do the scrub

    • TheresaTheresa says:

      I like to use it once or twice a week. I also put some honey in mine because of the anti-microbial effects. I’m a bit prone to breakouts and that really helps.

  6. Farzana says:

    How long do I scrub for 5 min or 10 min?

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